Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

YouTips4U Hi Everybody, I would like to give you a big warm welcome to my new blog! Many of you have gotten to know me as YouTips4U on YouTube and have enjoyed many of my helpful tips on how to lead a better quality life. I'm so thrilled that my videos which feature tips on hair, skin, exercise, and many other topics of interest have helped to motivate so many people. I have delighted in the wonderful feedback from my viewers and I thank you all for your amazing support. It is my goal to try to keep you motivated towards achieving your goals, whether it be growing your hair really long or getting that washboard stomach. Please join me here on my blog where I will be posting lots of additional information on many helpful topics and sharing practical experiences with you that I have learned. Please sign up and visit frequently and be sure to share your experiences and questions with me and others on this blog by commenting. You are always welcome here! If you are new to YouTips4U and would like to see my videos on YouTube, simply click on the link at the right and you will be directed to my channel on YouTube.

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