Sunday, July 19, 2009

Straighten Hair with a Flat Iron

Question: I have a question about straightening? I straight my hair twice a week, and 2 times i put coconut oil on my hair, and i use tresseme heat tamer spray before i straight! So is it okay to straight two times a week? If i continue to do this for i donno maybe 20 years.. do you think i am doing a big mistake? please help me out. thanks

YouTips4U: Hi, I'm doing great, thank you! It sounds like you are taking good care of your hair with conditioners. You should be fine straightening your hair twice a week, but be sure to keep the straightener on the lowest setting you need to get the job done and try not to go over the same piece of hair more than three times. You want to guard against frying it. If you can get away with straightening only certain outer sections to achieve your desired style, that would be better for your hair. Straightening irons can be very damaging. I get a lot of mail from people who have really damaged their hair, and are so sorry after that they used the straightening iron so frequently. Just be careful and only use it when necessary. If you are just hanging at home and don't need your hair picture perfect, just keep it natural to give your hair a rest. If you start to notice it looking dry and damaged, then I would stop using it. Everyone's hair is different. One person can tolerate a straighten iron every day on their hair, while someone else gets damage from using it infrequently.


  1. Hi there,

    I have a question on thermal/heat protection products. They all say to apply to wet hair prior to blow drying, but I try to keep heat to a minimum, so I dry my hair naturally during the day and want to straighten it at night to go out, if I apply the heat protection in the morning while hair is wet and not use the hair iron until night, will the protection be present on my hair by the time night comes to use the iron? Or should I not follow the instructions and apply to my now dry hair just prior to the iron at night?

    Thank you for your input and I love your videos, keep at it, you do help us a lot!!!!

    Thanks and warm regards


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