Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hightlighting Your Hair

Well I don't know if you remember me, hehe you probably get tons of fans, oh, and I want to say again, I love your videos on Youtube! :)

Anyway, well it's been a few months since I got my highlights. I have long Asian hair and right now I have tons of a caramel colored streaks/highlights. So now I'm thinking of getting just a few bolder auburn colored highlights in the front. I have a circle-ish oval-ish head shape if that helps. So I was just wondering if you happen to have any tips or suggestion for me. :)

YouTips4U: It's nice to hear from you again! I'm not sure if the auburn highlight will go with the caramel colored streaks already in your hair. In my opinion, it may be too many colors, unless you are going for a more punk type look. I would probably stick to colors in the same family.

Hi, oh, okay, thanks! Also, do you think a lighter caramel/brown or dark blond would be okay, because I wanted a few bold streaks in the front to frame my face more. Or, whatever color would be best to help frame my face.

YouTips4U: Yes, that should work. You can always go lighter and brighter in the same color family. It'll brighten up your face. That's what I do. Good luck!

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