Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go Ahead and Eat Eggs Again!!!

YouTips4U: Eggs have been a controversial subject of late, so I would like to shed a bit of light on it. Many people are confused as to whether eggs cause a rise in cholesterol levels in the blood. For many years, we were told that eggs increased our cholesterol levels and should be avoided; that they are something to enjoy very infrequently or not at all.

Well, here's the good news. Current medical research shows that eggs do not cause an increase in cholesterol levels. In fact, increased levels of cholesterol come from fats, not protein sources such as eggs. This new information is supported by the American Medical Association which confirms that it's perfectly fine to have an egg a day. If, however, you have cardiovascular disease, or high LDL ("bad") cholesterol, you should first discuss this with your doctor to make sure you get the green light.

We've certainly come a long way, and many of the foods that researchers once thought bad for us are turning out to be good for us and vice versa. Eggs are rich in protein and many other wonderful vitamins and minerals and should be a regular part of your diet. So go ahead and feel free to enjoy your fresh eggs again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Can I Use To Help Me Grow My Hair Long?

I am currently trying to grow my hair and I was just wondering if you know of any hair products or anything that I can use in my hair to stimulate growth.

Thanks a lot,

YouTips4U: Hi, you can try massaging your scalp with jojoba oil. Jojoba oil has been praised for centuries as a possible hair growth stimulant, and massaging your scalp helps bring blood flow to your follicles which will help stimulate hair growth. Please check out my video on jojoba oil on YouTube if you want to learn more about the benefits of this wonderful oil and some other uses for it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can You Help Me with My Dry Damaged Hair?

I have a question about my hair... the situation is like my hair is soo dry may be because i have used alot of different shampoos which doesnt even suit on my hair.. have colored my hair alot of times, and have so many chemicals in my hair.. i always see that there are so hydrated shampoos available but i dont know which one shud i use? as my hair is long but its like 2 faces on the bottom what can i do about it? and can u please tell me which shampoo is best for dry hair..?? and how to keep them smooth without dryness is there any good serum to use to keep it straight and smooth?

YouTips4U: Hi, I think you are right - your hair is dry and perhaps damaged from too much coloring and not using the right products for your hair type. I think you can repair it with the right hair products and also by discontinuing the repeated coloring and letting your hair rest. It's going to need special care for a while to get it back to normal. I suggest you purchase shampoo and conditioner for chemically treated hair or hair that has been colored and dry and damaged. Almost every shampoo line has one, so if you have a favorite take a look. If not, try Garnier Fructis (my favorite) or Pantene. Those two are great. While your hair is colored, used that type of shampoo. It will deposit moisture to your hair, helping the dryness and repairing some of the damage. Conditioning is extremely important and must be done after each shampoo. I love Garnier Fructis and Neutrogena Daily Triple Moisture.. Please take a look at my Deep Conditioning with Olive Oil Video on YouTube because I think you can really benefit from treatments with it. You can use it weekly while you are repairing your hair; then taper down to twice per month when it's healthy again. Definitely use a leave-in condition as well. I really like Organix Coconut Oil Serum, but I've also used Neutrogena and Garnier Fructis as well and they are good too. Good luck and keep me posted on how you're doing with your hair. Please write me back when you have time and explain to me what your color is like. If you are unhappy with it, maybe I can make a suggestion for you to bridge the gap while you wait for your hair to be healthy again and return back to it's natural color and texture. Don't despair in the meantime because it will get there; you'll just need to be extra gentle with it. Depending on the condition of your hair, you may need to take some of the length off to remove the dry damage so you can start fresh again.