Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cutting/Trimming Your Hair Yourself

Hi. I have not cut my hair since May last year. My goal was to go a year without cutting it to see how long it can get. I want it basically as long as yours, however I always became impatient and cut it. I feel like the ends are not as full like the rest of my hair and this has always been an issue for me. Whenever I attempted to grow it the ends would not look as good as the top. Right now I do not want to cut it because I do see it finally growing and I am not sure what to do. It really isn't bad at all but I do leave it natural (curly) every time it's washed so you wouldn't notice unless I straightened it which I haven't since May as well. I do see it dry when I comb it out before washing. I'm dreading the hair salon, so if you have any suggestions please reply. Do you go for hair cuts? How did you get your hair that long?! :)

YouTips4U: Hi, I understand your reluctance to go to a salon to cut your hair when you have been patiently growing it for so long, however, periodic trims can be very healthy for the rest of the hair shaft as they prevent split ends for traveling further up the hair and breaking off. Please take a look at my "How to Cut Your Own Hair" video on YouTube when you have time. Here is the link: How To Cut Your Own Hair. I think you will find it helpful. You can just trim a small dusting off the ends to keep the split ends under control and prevent your hair from breaking off from them. Depending on how long your hair is, you can separate it in two in the back and comb it all forward in front of your chest and trim a little off. This will help keep your hair healthier between salon visits and remove the fear of having to part with your new length because you are in control.

I always cut my own hair and very very infrequently will I go to a salon. I am always happy with my own work and I think you will be too. I wouldn't suggest you try to do anything fancy; just a little trim. Good Luck :o)

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