Monday, February 21, 2011

Reusable Grocery Bags Can Contain Harmful Bacteria

Reusable grocery bags can contain quite a few serious germs, including E. coli, that can lead to sickness. Here's how the contamination occurs: you put fresh fruits and vegetables in your bag and the germs and pesticides slough off and stay behind in your bag. Or perhaps you purchase a package of raw meat and some of the juices leak out into your bag. These germs embed themselves in the bad and are now transferable to other food products and your hands as they are reused. The danger is that you can get food poisoning caused by the transference of these germs to your mouth. It's the same type of cross-contamination that can occur by using a cutting board for meat and then veggies or fruits without washing the cutting board and utensils in between. You can protect yourself from this cross-contamination of germs by being sure you use cotton bags and that you launder or wash them after every shopping trip.

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