Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Energized Without Coffee/Caffeine

Are you having trouble concentrating in class. Are you nodding off in a meeting. Well, I have some tips that will help energize you:

1. Eat some dark chocolate. Not only is dark chocolate loaded with anti-oxidants, but it is a wonderful mood booster that's loaded with energy-boosting flavanols which are found in cocoa. This is my absolute favorite energy snack.

2. Inhaling the scent of peppermint. Sniffing peppermint can be a wonderful mood booster to help keep you alert. Either suck on a peppermint lifesaver, or what I prefer is to keep a tiny bottle of peppermint aroma oil at your desk. Simply dab a bit on your pulse points and you'll perk right up.

3. Take out a piece of paper and start doodling. Doodling can help refocus and boost your attention. This is especially great for students.

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