Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Low Impact Way to Stay Fit

Swimming is a wonderful full-body workout that many people don't think of when they think of exercise. Not only is it a great exercise for anyone with a bad back or other health concern that prevents them from running, walking, etc., but it is also a wonderful stress reliever. The repetitive motion of stroking back and forth in water can dissolve away stress. So if you are looking for a terrific low-impact, high intensity (or low intensity depending on how fast you swim) cardio vascular exercise to help you get fit, burn calories and stay healthy, swimming is a wonderful choice.

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  1. Hi Youtips4u,

    How many times each week do you wash/dry/style your hair? Esp. in summer when you swim more often...??

    I love your videos .... you make beauty affordable/doable : )


  2. Hi Cara, thanks so much for your terrific feedback! I wash my hair every two to three days most of the time, but depending on what I'm doing in the summer, I probably wash it every two days. There are days that just a rinsing will suffice, like if I'm staying at the beach for a week or swimming everyday at the pool. No need for me to shampoo it every day when I'm just going to be swimming the next day again. So for those types of days, I'll just rinse it well with water and condition the ends. I usually will not heat dry it and just let it air dry naturally to give my hair a break from heat styling.