Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is a Protein Shake a Good Breakfast?

Hi, I was wondering if having a protein shake is a good breakfast rather than having food per se? Also, are all powders the same and do you use protein mixes

YouTips4u Ans. Not all protein mixes are the same. Some have more sugar and other sweeteners; some are made with whey and some with soy protein. Most protein mixes do contain a good amount of protein, but I would much rather have a breakfast of oatmeal, some fruit and nuts, and perhaps a bit of yogurt. I would rather eat foods than sip a drink. If the choice is to have a protein shake or skip breakfast altogether, then it's best to have the shake. Skipping breakfast really does start your day off on the wrong foot and leads to lack of energy and fatigue which can sometimes follow you right through your entire day. I personally don't drink protein shakes as I do get plenty of protein from my diet. You can too with a little planning. Adding things such as nuts, peanut butter, yogurt, tofu, and eggs to your diet as snacks throughout the day can increase your protein intake. Also, having meat, fish, or chicken during your main meal. If you do choose to add protein shakes to your diet, be sure you check the label and find one that has a simple recipe; not too many chemicals you don't understand.

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