Friday, October 14, 2011

My Food & Diet Fit for Life Plan – A Simple Healthy Guide That’s So Easy to Remember

Eating healthy can be so confusing these days! That is why I am going to make it simple for you to choose a healthy variety of foods from each of the major food groups to keep you energized and looking and feeling your absolute best. Here is my latest video on YouTube on how you can have a healthy diet of a variety of fresh wholesome foods to help you lose weight and stay fit for life. This is how I eat and maintain my high energy lifestyle and my figure and I want to share it with you as so many of you have asked. I have created a trademark Food Bear (see below video) to act as a friendly guide to help you make healthful choices. You can copy and paste him into a word document and print him at home to keep handy so you can learn to eat a variety of whole natural foods daily.
I hope you enjoy my video!



  1. This is extremely helpful. I never know what to buy for dinner and for snacks so my weight loss plans go completely out of the window. This has inspired and motivated me to try again!

    Thank you!

  2. Hey, Thank you so much for sharing this. I used to be so confused while making choices. This video was very helpful...

    Love you
    Me :)

  3. This is a helpful video. Funny you should mention the size of the plate. I usually don't find my plates big enough, so I use a platter. This way I can squeeze in the entire meal.

    I am on a weight gain diet, so it is understandable, no?

    BTW, it shows that you are eating a healthy diet. Your hair shows it and the way your skin glows.

    Thanks for the tips


  4. Actually, your guide is more playful than the usual food pyramid. But that diagram can help children with obesity problems. I hope more people follow that easy plan.

    Dwight Alvans

  5. ur posts r always very informative and i highly appreciate these! keep posting!
    check out my little blog...

  6. good diet system and healthy lifestyle reduce the health problems. Many heart issues creating with bad food and bad life style like as heart attack, Heart Transplantation, heart failure etc.

  7. What do you say about the dukan diet? I buy the book with dukan diet recipes. What would you say about that diet?