Sunday, January 15, 2017

Double Your Weight Loss By Using a Food Diary

Happy New Year! I kicked off another great year of YouTips4U this week with a video that will absolutely help you achieve your weight loss goals if that is your resolution this year.  How Changing One Habit Can Double Your Weight Loss

Experts have studied the benefits of keeping a food diary or food journal wherein you record all the foods and beverages you eat and drink daily.  They're studies have found that the act of recording what you eat leads to greater awareness of what, how much, and why you are eating and having that knowledge can result in greater weight loss when compared with people who did not record what they ate.  Keeping a food diary can also help you identify pitfalls in your eating habits or patterns of overeating or binge eating, so it's very important to record how you feel physically and emotionally prior to eating, and post eating foods.  For example, feeling bloated or nauseous or having diarrhea may indicate food intolerances. It can be a very important tool for identifying food allergies or that you are consuming too much processed foods or fast foods rather than nutrient-dense healthier foods.  Keeping a food journal can also help you if you have a disease such as diabetes or hypertension by helping you avoid certain foods that cause problems for your condition and helping you stick to your special eating plan.  You can also use a food diary as a tool to improve your diet using it as a reminder to make sure you are getting a variety of foods from all the major food groups. Choose the format you prefer and that's most comfortable for you: either use an app that you download onto your phone or book format. Both will be excellent.  See my YouTube video link above for recommendation and more information on this.

It's very important that you review your journal daily and weekly to see how you're reacting to your emotions, hunger, cravings, etc. by the choices and quantities of foods you eat. And don't forget about beverages! Much of our excess caloric intake comes from beverages like lattes, sodas, sports drinks, and alcoholic beverages. You can track your consumption of beverages to help cut down on consuming these empty calories which are many times packed with sugars and excess carbohydrates,  or in the case of water, drinking more of it.

It's a proven fact that writing things down in a diary helps people make major changes in their lives.  Give it a try and see. It worked for me and I think it will work for you too!

Let me know how your doing with your diary!

- Linda

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