Monday, March 6, 2017

Rotator Cuff Shoulder Surgery Experience Ice Machine

So many of you have written to me about the ice machine that my husband used to help manage the pain from his rotator cuff surgery and where you can buy one.  Here is the link:

I highly recommend you purchase it if you want to be able to manage the post operative pain and reduce the necessity for pain medication. My husband was able to get off the pain medication after only two days post surgery with the help of this machine which kept the swelling and pain manageable.  He could not have done without it. He used it 24/7 for the first week and then 2-3 times a day thereafter. It also came in handy to use during physical therapy. He would often be sore from the manipulation and exercises and being able to use the ice machine helped ease that discomfort tremendously.  This device can be used for pain management to any area of the body where cold compresses are needed such as knees, back, shoulders, etc. It's quite handy to have and we have used it many times since my husband's surgery.  If you would like to learn more about my husband's rotator cuff surgery experience as well as what you can expect from the surgery, recovery, and therapy process, then please view my Rotator Cuff Shoulder Surgery Experience video on YouTube, here's the link for you. I think you will find it very helpful and informative: Rotator Cuff Surgery Experience : What to Expect, Helpful Tips To Prepare, and Home Recovery

I was my husband's caretaker during the entire surgery and recovery process and decided to share my husband's entire experience to help others deal with the anxiety and fear surrounding this surgery, which my husband had plenty of.  I also shared post-surgery recovery videos which update you at his 4 months, 8 months, and one-year post surgery recovery anniversaries. Those videos can be found from the above link as well. If you have any questions about the surgery or recovery process, please comment on the video, I'm happy to help. I will always answer your questions.

If you have a shoulder tear and are having rotator cuff shoulder surgery, or any kind of shoulder surgery upcoming, then best wishes to you for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I hope you will visit me on YouTube and Subscribe to my channel. It's full of helpful tips to help you lead a better quality life! You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel at the top of this page where you see the red subscribe button.



Sunday, February 12, 2017

Holo Foil Nail Art Designs

Are you looking for something fun and festive to do for Valentine's Day? Well, I have the perfect idea for all you beauty lovers! How about doing some beautiful nail art on your fingernails.  It's such a fun way to glam up your look and make a creative statement about your style. It's also a fun activity for get togethers with friends and birthday parties. I had a nail art and painting party for my daughter when she was 13 and 15 and it was a huge hit with everyone!  The latest trend that is so popular right now is holographic foil nail art. You can learn how to do it in my latest YouTube video for Valentines Day.
Holo foils give your nails a beautiful and unique finish that you can't achieve with nail polish. They're super shiny, sparkly, and very reflective and they're sure to catch everyone's eye! I show you step by step how to apply them and give you lots of tips and tricks to achieve a beautiful manicure. Check out my video and let me know what you think in the comments below. You can purchase Foil Nail Art at: See the description box of my YouTube Video above for a coupon code for 15% off your order.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Foods To Eat For A Natural Sun-Kissed Tan

Did you know that you can actually affect the color of your skin by eating certain foods.  Well it's true! By eating foods rich in beta carotene, you can give your skin a sun-kissed glow. Beta carotene that we eat in green, yellow, and orange fruits and vegetables and tomatoes is absorbed into our bodies and the excess gets deposited in the fatty layer under the skin.  These foods give human skin it's color.  This is a perfectly harmless affect and most often occurs in babies when they are introduced to orange fruits and vegetables.  The orange fruits and vegetables are the ones that will give you your skin the most noticeable affect. Foods like cantaloupe, apricots, pumpkin, and carrots.  I have found carrots to be the food that will affect your skin the most. Carrots give your skin an orangish glow, much like sitting in the sun does.  It's not as dramatic an affect as sitting in the sun produces but there is a noticeable healthy tan glow that occurs and I have found through personal experience it occurs quickest with carrots.  Cooked carrots appear to have the greatest affect on the skin. If you would like to include more carrots in your diet, I have an excellent recipe to share with you for a healthy carrot cake. It is my homemade recipe and it's super nutritious for you; very low in sugar and fat and it's full of fiber because it's whole grain.

Please see my YouTube Video for the recipe and to learn how to make it:  Homemade Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

It's a healthy way to add some color to your pale skin in the cold winter months while providing your body with excellent nutrition!

See on YouTube,

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Double Your Weight Loss By Using a Food Diary

Happy New Year! I kicked off another great year of YouTips4U this week with a video that will absolutely help you achieve your weight loss goals if that is your resolution this year.  How Changing One Habit Can Double Your Weight Loss

Experts have studied the benefits of keeping a food diary or food journal wherein you record all the foods and beverages you eat and drink daily.  They're studies have found that the act of recording what you eat leads to greater awareness of what, how much, and why you are eating and having that knowledge can result in greater weight loss when compared with people who did not record what they ate.  Keeping a food diary can also help you identify pitfalls in your eating habits or patterns of overeating or binge eating, so it's very important to record how you feel physically and emotionally prior to eating, and post eating foods.  For example, feeling bloated or nauseous or having diarrhea may indicate food intolerances. It can be a very important tool for identifying food allergies or that you are consuming too much processed foods or fast foods rather than nutrient-dense healthier foods.  Keeping a food journal can also help you if you have a disease such as diabetes or hypertension by helping you avoid certain foods that cause problems for your condition and helping you stick to your special eating plan.  You can also use a food diary as a tool to improve your diet using it as a reminder to make sure you are getting a variety of foods from all the major food groups. Choose the format you prefer and that's most comfortable for you: either use an app that you download onto your phone or book format. Both will be excellent.  See my YouTube video link above for recommendation and more information on this.

It's very important that you review your journal daily and weekly to see how you're reacting to your emotions, hunger, cravings, etc. by the choices and quantities of foods you eat. And don't forget about beverages! Much of our excess caloric intake comes from beverages like lattes, sodas, sports drinks, and alcoholic beverages. You can track your consumption of beverages to help cut down on consuming these empty calories which are many times packed with sugars and excess carbohydrates,  or in the case of water, drinking more of it.

It's a proven fact that writing things down in a diary helps people make major changes in their lives.  Give it a try and see. It worked for me and I think it will work for you too!

Let me know how your doing with your diary!

- Linda

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Castor Oil to Heal Dry Skin - Anti-Aging Benefits Too

Well, winter is fully upon us and that means dry chapped skin. I want to recommend a wonderful  natural healing product to you that I have used on my skin for many years. It's Castor Oil.  Castor Oil is wonderful for your skin. It is extracted by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant and is very rich and soothing and healing. It nourishes your skin with loads of vitamins and minerals and it is also an anti-fungal and an anti-viral so you can apply to areas of your skin that may need healing.  I use it at night before bed on my hands and then I cover them with old socks to help seal in the healing and prevent the oil from rubbing off on my bedding. Castor oil heals chapped hands literally overnight and it also nourishes them while you sleep. I use it on my face as well. It's an excellent anti-aging wrinkle reducing product for your face.  To learn more about the benefits of using Castor Oil and other ways to use it to heal including helping to grow hair, please watch my video on Youtube.  Castor Oil to Heal Nourish and Protect Skin and Hair - Anti-Aging Prevent Wrinkles

It is very important to buy the right Castor Oil. You want to make sure you buy a natural, cold-pressed, cold-processed Castor Oil, extracted from castor seeds and free from any additives.  The brand I have used for years that I recommend is Home Health Castor Oil or
Use this link to save $10 on where I buy many of my natural products:  

I think you will absolutely love this rich soothing and nourishing natural product.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Static Stretching vs. Dynamic Stretching

If you are among the many people who find yourself getting injured and /or pulling muscles during your workout routines, it could be due to lack of proper stretching. In fact it may be because in the last 10 years static stretching has simply gone out of style in favor of dynamic stretching. Static stretching is where you hold a stretch for 20-30 seconds like touching your toes with your leg inclined on a stair.  Dynamic stretching is doing slow controlled movements through the full range of motion like shoulder circles and arm swings. Static stretching was abandoned because it was believed that it could potentially damage cold muscles and even reduce strength during a workout. However, a recent study showed that both static and dynamic stretching should be part of your regular warmup routine and that it can help reduce injuries and boost flexibility.  In fact, the most effective warmup is one that begins with dynamic stretching to warm up the muscles and ready the body for movement followed by static stretching which will then lengthen and stretch the muscles  and help improve range of motion. Also, any reduction in strength due to static stretching before strength training was negligible at only about 4.8%.  Not much of a trade off to protect yourself from injury. I have found personally that stretching your hamstrings, hip flexors, and quadriceps can be of great value before you begin any cardio exercise. These are large muscle groups and are often quite stiff, especially if you are a person who exercises regularly. Always take the time beforehand because injuries will set you back even more time. As they say, "a stitch in time saves nine".


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sitting Can Be Bad For Your Health - Let's Talk Solutions

I recently did a video on YouTube on how Sitting Too Much Can Be Bad For Your Health and received so many messages from viewers who have had issues due to extended periods of sitting. I'm so glad you all found my video helpful, informative and inspirational.  Sitting is now considered to be "the new smoking".  It the latest health problem facing this country.  Researchers have linked sedentary behavior to increases in the risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, certain cancers, muscle degeneration and more.  This problem has given rise to the popularity of Fit Bit Wrist Bands and other devices to help people get more focused on movement and exercise.

People love wearing them because they can track their movement all day as well as their heart rate. It allows you to see just how active you are and can inspire you to attain more activity by setting workout goals and tracking progress if you find you are seriously lacking in movement. It even tracks your sleep to help you know whether you are getting sound restful uninterrupted sleep.  Attention to workplace fitness really ramped up in the last few years after the Mayo Clinic published a study on the detrimental effects of sitting for long periods of time. Many companies are now recognizing this and want to encourage more movement in the workplace.  CEO's want to bring health-care costs down and employee output up so many of them are taking steps toward a more active work environment. They are providing their employees with Fit Bits and even awarding prizes for activity goals attained. They are also outfitting the workspace with Sit Stand Desks. These adjustable standing desks offer workers the latest solution to sitting all day in one position.

They are adjustable desks that allow a person to stand and raise their desk up so they can work in a standing position. This can be very effective therapy for someone with a bad back and it helps circulate your blood. They even make portable ones for people who already have their desks and want to add this feature or to have at home.

I think we will see many other products coming out over the coming years to help us remedy a sedentary lifestyle. A lifestyle which, by the latest metrics, is getting worse. Helped of course by the digital age because everything is literally at our fingertips! No reason to get up and walk down the hall to speak to a coworker when you can just ping them on IM.   I personally sit on a body ball while working at my desk. It really helps my posture and activates my core muscles. They come in three different sizes, so if you buy one, be sure you purchase the correct size for your height.  I purchased the 65cm and I'm 5'4" tall. They are also wonderful for performing many exercises. I will have videos upcoming to demonstrate!

They also make ball chairs so you can easily roll around, support your back and work your core while sitting.

And if you want to get moving under your adjustable desk while sitting on your ball chair, then you might be interested in a desk cycle! You can burn calories, improve your health and your mood while your typing at your desk. You're literally cycling under your desk while working! Ingenious!

So as you can see, the problem facing our population of sitting too much is spurring a whirlwind of helpful products coming to the market to help people be more active throughout the day.  A great trend and helpful for any individual no matter what age! Obesity is a very big problem among all age groups which is only furthered by sedentary behavior. So if you need a push to get moving more, there are plenty of things out there for you to do it.  See you on YouTube!