Monday, June 4, 2018

How To Have Young Looking Hands

In my recent YouTube video, I share my beauty secrets on how to have young looking hands naturally because there is so much you can do to prevent, treat, and reverse aging. Having young looking hands has always been desired by women because we don't want our hands to make us look older. The younger you start caring for your hands, the younger they will look as you age. Hands are easily prone to premature aging because they are constantly exposed to the elements including damaging UV sun exposure. Also, constant hand washing can be very drying and dry skin causes wrinkles to form more easily, and the skin on our hands tends to thin with age making veins and bones more visible. With these factors working against us, it is vital that we take special care of our hands, and this means daily moisturizing and avoiding harsh cleansers. Please watch my video above for more important tips on how to have young looking hands naturally. In this video, I also discuss the latest trend of women seeking cosmetic procedures and medical treatments on their hands in an effort to have younger looking hands, and as more women turn to using botox, fillers, and other cosmetic procedures on their faces, they are often self-conscious about the skin on the rest of their body looking out of balance with their face, especially their hands, so many women are now seeking cosmetic procedures and medical treatments for their hands as well. However, these procedures are not without risks, which I discuss in my above video, and many of the risks and side effects present with facial procedures apply to the hands as well, and some procedures may even impair hand function, so this is an area to be very careful about. Please see my video above to learn more.

- Linda

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Menopause and Perimenopause | Signs and Symptoms | My Experience | Natural Remedies | My Thoughts on HRT

I recently shared my experience with menopause and perimenopause in a video on my YouTube Channel (see video above) because I truly believe this subject needs to be addressed and embraced as part of life woman to woman.  For generations it has been a taboo, hush hush, subject of little discussion, which leaves women in the dark and isolated about their own body and feelings. I began to notice this as a young woman growing up as well when I asked my mom what was the matter when she sat crying one day. She said it was nothing, but later on, my father whispered in my ear that she was going through "The Change."  I thought, what change?  I had no idea, but I got the feeling from my mom that I shouldn't ask either.  Women get very uncomfortable talking this subject and often shy away from discussing it, so it's extremely difficult to find out information on it. I think sharing information is vital regarding this prominent life change, which is a complete metamorphosis for a woman.  I often hear other women on YouTube say, talk to your doctor if you want advice on menopause. But why? Why don't they talk about it? They mentioned it to begin with. Why does a doctor know more about the natural process of a woman's body than a woman herself. Does a doctor even know? Why can't we discuss this process with other women? Why is it so hard to find out anything about menopause and perimenopause? Why the hush hush culture on this? I suspect much of it has to do with the stigma of growing older, and in a youth-based society that means menopause takes a back seat, way back.  Why does it have to be associated with aging and broken bones?? There are positives that no one seems to focus on and I think they should be brought to light in the media and magazines. If that were the case, women would be excited for it. I address some of the positives in my video. The lack of information discussed on this topic can have a detrimental effect on a woman's life leaving her feeling isolated and withdrawn, depressed. Many women go through menopause in their thirties and it's like a truck hit them because they had no idea this could even happen! How could they, no one talks about it! Well I want to help change this culture of silence and bring this topic into the light and foreground to help women cope and deal with these changes. Our society boasts women empowerment, yet menopause, perimenopause, and post menopause are in the shadows. Why? Help me bring it into the light by sharing my video with others.

I did much reading into this subject as I found myself entering into this stage of my life myself, mostly because my doctor was not very helpful on this subject. Aside from being offered hormone replacement therapy, there was nothing more that was told to me about signs, symptoms, or emotional challenges or anything else. And for emotional support my doctor's suggestion is anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, and I found this to be true for other women too.  This is their answer. Medicate! So I took it upon myself to do what I always do and that is, research this myself because this should not be the only option for a woman who is searching for relief of menopausal or peri-menopausal symptoms, or even post menopausal symptoms.  Why do we need medications for a normal process? Did we take medications to get through puberty?  It's simple really, we need a natural solution for a natural issue. There is so much we can do to help ourselves naturally, and the earlier we have an understanding of what to expect in this time of life, the better. I covered these subjects and many more in my latest video, so if you are interested in learning about the signs and symptoms of menopause, the natural remedies available to you for support and relief, as well as my experience as a woman and what worked for me, then please watch my above video and share it because it will give you some good information and food for thought and you will gain so much knowledge into what it means to be a woman.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Should Women Wear Long Hair After A Certain Age?

Did you ever close your eyes and visualize what a middle age woman looks like? I'll bet she has short hair? Why is that? That is because of a societal norm that has been passed down for generations that made women feel as though they had to conform to cutting their hair short once they reached a certain age. In my latest video I address whether it's still appropriate for a woman to wear long hair past a certain age. When I was younger that age was 30. Apparently when you turned 30, you were supposed to cut your hair short because that's what our mothers and grandmothers told us. That age may have increased over the years as women are taking better care of themselves, but nevertheless, the conformity still exists. Did you ever wonder where this idea came from? Well, I did a little research into this social and cultural enigma and it seems that the act of a woman cutting her hair short when she reaches a certain age is congruous to making a statement about her youth and independence. She is saying that she is a grown up now and has no time to focus on things like hair and that she has no interest in attracting a man or looking sexy. Hair is seen as a symbol of attraction and adoration so by cutting it she is saying I don't need to be looked at. I think hair does play a huge part in how we feel about ourselves and I addressed this subject in my latest YouTube video. Many women feel very passionate about this subject, as do I, and they have shared their thoughts and comments below my video. Please watch my video and share your thoughts too.


Monday, April 30, 2018

How I Stayed Young and Fit Through The Years Naturally

I recently received quite a few requests on my YouTube channel from younger viewers (in their twenties) asking me to share my self-care habits that I have practiced over the years that have enabled me to stay young looking and fit through the years without turning to cosmetic procedures. I'm so happy to hear that they asked me for my guidance and advice and as someone who has embraced a natural lifestyle, I'm so happy to share what's worked for me because I truly believe there is so much we can do ourselves to slow the aging process and look our absolute best at any age. I think my perspective as a woman who as gone through many of the stages of a woman's life, like building a career, pregnancies, raising a family, etc., can be very helpful for younger women in their 20s or even 30s who can benefit from the wisdom and experience that comes only with age. You simply cannot buy that. I hope some of the things I say in my video will resonate with you. It's a two-part video, so please be sure to watch both parts. Here are the links:

How I Stayed Young & Fit Through The Years Naturally (Part 1) My Best Self-Care Habits

How I Stayed Young & Fit Through The Years Naturally (Part 2) My Best Self-Care Habits

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Retin A: Know The Risks

If you are considering using Retin-A or tretinoin as an anti-aging beauty treatment to help prevent or reduce wrinkles and aging of the skin, or if you are currently using Retin-A or Tretinoin, please watch this video because you should be informed about the risks and side effects of using this product long-term on your skin. I have addressed many of the questions you may have about this product in my video. Questions like: What is Retin-A or tretinoin? How does it work? Does it really prevent or diminish wrinkles? Does it fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots? It's a very comprehensive video based on my own research from available public sources and findings, and I think you will find it very helpful. I hope you will use the information in this video to help you in your decision on whether to use Retin-A, or it's derivatives for anti-aging of the skin.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Best Beauty Products of 2017

This results are in! The 20 Best Beauty Products of 2017! In my latest video I featured the 20 Best Beauty Products of 2017. These are best of the best of beauty products that I bought and tried this year and they were total winners. I will continue to use these into the future. You will find products for hair and skin care as well as some great makeup products. To be a winner, a product had to produce lasting and/or unique benefits. I tried many beauty products this year and of the many I tried these 20 products really impressed me. I'm excited to share them with you and I hope you enjoy learning about them and will consider giving them a try!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Building Collagen Naturally - Natural Retinol And Vitamin A

As we age we lose collagen in our skin at the rate of 1% per year after the age of 20.  Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin young looking. If you want to maintain youthful looking skin that shows minimal signs of aging, wrinkles, and fine lines, then it's vital that you provide your skin with the nutrients that it needs to stimulate the production of collagen in your body. You can do this by consuming foods that contain or boost collagen (see video above: 11 Superfoods to Boost Collagen), and by applying my nourishing all-natural collagen boosting facial mask to your skin (see video below: Collagen Building Facial Mask). This face mask is made from fresh ingredients that contain natural retinol and vitamin A. It will penetrate deep into your dermis to provide your skin with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids necessary to help increase your collagen production in your skin.  For the recipe and how to prepare this wonderful natural facial mask, watch this video: