Monday, July 13, 2009

Can Combing Wet Hair Cause Breakage?

Question: Is it good to comb wet hair? many people says that if u comb ur hair wet than it can cause split ends and it can break ur after drying ur hair u have to comb. what u said about this?

YouTips4U: It's fine to comb your hair when it's wet, as long as you are very gentle because it can easily be stretched and broken. That's why I recommend washing your hair upside down with a hand-held shower (see my YouTube Video on Properly Washing Long Hair)Properly Wash/Shampoo Your Long Hair to Prevent Breakage, Split Ends, Drying, and Tangles
. This prevents a lot of tangling during shampooing. Be sure to use a leave-in conditioner before combing and if you come across any severe tangles, spritz them first with a detangler and then very gently untangle the hair with your comb. I always recommend a wide tooth comb. When combing my wet hair, I like to start from the bottom and slowly work my way higher so as not to tug on my roots.

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