Monday, July 13, 2009

Problems with Dandruff

Question: I`m Asian and been living and working here in Norway for almost a year now. My past time includes watching helpful videos on YouTube and I have come across your account and I think your tips are very helpful so I subscribed. :) Anyways, I have a question to ask you. I am having a lot of problems with my hair since, forever! :) I have very fine wavy hair. Most of the time it is always dry and frizzy. I have used a lot of different hair serums, leave on conditioners that are sold in the market but I don`t seem to get the results that I wanted. And I don`t know what caused this, but I keep having dandruffs. If I don`t wash my hair say after 2 days, my scalp starts to itch and dandruff builds up. I am maintaining Head and Shoulders as my shampoo and it helps in a certain way,although it doesn`t rid of it completely. I can`t use too much conditioner because a lot of my hair strands tend to fall out than normal and it scares me due to the fact that I have thin/fine hair. After shampooing, I use a hair serum so I won`t have frizzy hair all the time. I have seen in your video about olive oil as conditioner. Can I also use it as a leave on? And you said that jojoba oil is very good for hair growth. The thing is, I don`t think I can find it anywhere in the markets where I live. Can you suggest other oils that are helpful? Olive oil is accessible for me so I was wondering if this can also help hair growth, and how! :)

YouTips4U: If you hair is dry and frizzy, you might want to consider using a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair to put moisture back into your hair. Also, I don't recommend washing your hair everyday as this can be very drying. Every other day is best. For your dandruff problem, I would suggest perhaps switching to a different dandruff shampoo and see if that works. Different dandruff shampoos have different active ingredients. One may work better than another for you. If you don't see any more dandruff, then you can stop using dandruff shampoo and switch to a regular shampoo. If after you have tried several different dandruff shampoos and you are still have excess dandruff and itching problems, you may want to try using a cortisone cream or an anti-fungal cream.

Cortisone creams are available over the counter in either 0.5% or 1% concentrations. They are safe to use on the face and will often help in just a couple of days when applied twice daily. These products also are available as scalp lotions that are applied once a day, preferably on damp hair after shampooing. You can use scalp cortisone creams together with medicated shampoos.

Anti-fungal creams are also effective, apparently because they reduce the number of yeast organisms living on the skin. Over-the-counter creams include 1% clotrimazole cream and miconazole cream 2%. Anti-fungal creams also are applied once or twice a day.

You can try either of these approaches, but I would definitely try switching dandruff shampoos first. Only use these products, including the creams, until symptoms subside.

Be sure to apply your hair products and serums only on your hair shaft and not your scalp. You could be having a reaction to product on your scalp that is causing your problems.

I like olive oil for deep conditioning and hot oil treatments and jojoba oil for daily leave in conditioning. If you can't find jojoba oil in your area, try coconut oil, but use a very small amount on your hair. Coconut Oil is also great to protect your hair if you do heat styling.

I hope I could help!

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