Friday, August 21, 2009

Highlighting Your Hair

I live in a small small town in Georgia with only about 1,000 people in it. We don't have expensive salons here, so the only place to really go would be Kmart or Walmart. We went to Kmart the other week and we decided to splurge and visit the hair supplies section and I noticed some of the dye came with a clear thing that looks similar to a hair straightener. You would use it like a hair straightener only it would be for color. Do you think that I would have to use foil for that?

YouTips4U: Hi, I do know some of the highlighting kits come with applicators that allow you to just brush on the color. You can do this, but I must caution you that the hair that gets the highlight mixture applied to it can often touch the other hairs that you don't want highlighted, and because those other hairs don't get a lot of product on them, but only touched by it, the result can be underprocessed hair that appears orange or gets partially highlighted with a stripe. I would always recommend that people use foils to highlight because you can easily separate the hair that has product applied to it from the hair that is to remain natural. If you cannot find foils, you can always buy regular aluminum foil, store brand is better than Reynolds Wrap because it is sometimes thinner, and just cut the foils to size that you can use. Good Luck :o)

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