Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Properly Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

Is it okay to use a shampoo and conditioner in the same hand, putting it on at the same time like a 2 in 1 with cold water becauses i like it and it's usually 103 degrees in Arizona and i live there.

YouTips4U: I always prefer using the shampoo first to clean your hair and then using a conditioner to condition it. I think it's best because you diminish the ability of the shampoo to clean and the conditioner to condition when you mix them. Also, it's not always preferable to condition your whole head. Conditioner is best apply to your hair from the ears down to avoid build up on your scalp. It's best shampoo with warm water because it distributes and lathers better that with cold water. It's also beneficial to rinse your conditioner off with warm water because it leaves hair softer and untangles it. You can finish with a cold water rinse to close the cuticle when you're done.


  1. Hi :) First of all,let me say you're very pretty and your hair is absolutely gorgeous.I watched your videos about hair care,and I have some questions :

    1.Why shouldn't I put olive/coconot oil at the roots while conditioning?My hair type is dry and I am usually puting olive oil all over my hair,including scalp and massaging.Am I wasting my time puting it on the roots too?

    2.Should I put that mix of vinegar and water on my scald too and massage when I wash my hair?I am asking that because you said vinegar is promoting hair growth,so I was wondering...

    If you would be so kind to answer to this questions!
    Thank you and have a nice day

  2. Hi, thank you for your lovely compliments and I am so happy that you like my videos and find them helpful.

    1. I usually don't recommend putting olive oil or coconut oil at the roots because it can cause too much oil build up since you already have natural oils on your scalp. This type of deep conditioning treatment is most beneficial to the hair rather than scalp. However, that being said, if massaging your scalp with these oils is working for you, and you don't see a greasy build up or have to wash your hair too much, then I would continue. If you would like to continue massaging your scalp with oil, but would like something lighter and closer to your natural scalp oils, you may want to give jojoba oil a try. It's wonderful and promotes hair growth. I have a video on YouTube about the wonderful benefits of jojoba oil. When you have time, please take a look at it. I think you will find it helpful.

    2. The vinegar and water rinse should be used as a rinse periodically when you feel product buildup occurring. I don't recommend massaging your scalp with it extensively, just pour it through your hair and scalp and give it a quick work through with your fingers.

    Thanks so much for writing!