Saturday, September 26, 2009

Help! I Want to Reduce My Butt

Hi, my problem is that my butt looks so big and fat but in fact I'm a very thin person,that makes me smaller on the upper part of my body but bigger in size for my lower part of whole body's proportion goes very wrong! :"( Any suggestions or other exercise that can help me to make my butt go flatter? Besides, any exercise that can increase my upper body's size? Thank you!!

YouTips4U: Hi, you have a pear-shaped body and tend to deposit your excess weight on your lower body. This is actually better than having an apple-shape body where you store your fat in your mid section which is closer to your major organs. Don't fret because you can re-proportion your body. You can do this with weight loss and weight training. Be sure to practice portion controlled eating and maintain a well-balanced diet. Limiting excess sugar, salt, and soda from your diet will really help jump-start you. You also need to do cardio exercise to burn calories and help you slim down. The weight training will help build up and strengthen your upper body as well as raise your metabolism. Muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest. So adding muscle to your body makes a huge difference in your weight-loss program. In time your proportion will change. To reduce your butt, focus special attention on doing cardio exercise like running, walking, aerobics classes, etc. To tone up your butt and give it muscle and a nice shape, you'll need to do toning exercises like the ones in my videos. A great one is lunges. Please take a look when you have time. Remember to be consistent and stay committed because it does take time. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy or quick, so stick with it and you will have the results you desire. Hope that helps.

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    Can you please help with details of weight loss from skipping rope? Does that help to loose weight? Please advise.