Monday, November 9, 2009

Tip For Fabulous Looking Hair And To Help Grow Long Hair

Hi Everybody, hope you're having a wonderful day today. I am having a great day and so is my hair. Don't you just love those days where everything just seems to go right and you feel energized and look great. Well, I'm having one of those days and I wanted to share a little tip with you on why my hair feels and looks so fabulous today.

Last night before bed, I massaged my scalp with Jojoba Oil by Desert Essence. I did it for about 5-8 minutes. Gently massaging the oil into all areas of my scalp. It felt wonderful. Then I coated my hair from the base of my head down with a thin coating of olive oil (not too much because you don't want to saturate your pillow). Then I braided my hair to keep it from touching my face while I'm asleep.

When I got up this morning, I washed my hair using my upside down technique that you know I advocate (please see my video on this on YouTube for the how to do it.

I can't tell you how wonderful my hair looks and feels today. Full of body and shine and smooth with no visible breakage. I just love it and wanted to share it with you. I hope I have inspired you to go home tonight and do this before bed. You will be amazed at how wonderful your hair looks and feels in the morning. Massaging your scalp increases blood flow to your hair follicles and coupled with jojoba oil promotes hair growth, and it feels wonderful and relaxing. Try getting your significant other to do this for you; it's a great way to be close.

If you give it a try, please stop by and let me know how you liked it. Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Keep Smiling,


  1. I'll check out your video--never heard of this method to washing hair..I use coconut oil on my hair and love the results.

  2. hi... i saw ur video on right way to wash hair.. i have been following that for a long time but i don have a hand shower.. i just wash my hair under a tap in the sink.. it has helped my hair to an extent.. i have wavy medium length wavy hair which is dry n i need to wash my hair every alternate day else it becomes extremely sticky. so does that mean i have both oily as well as dry hair ? do advice as i find my wavy hair difficult to manage. i have straightened my hair 3 times in the past & colored it as well..i feel my hair volume has reduced and there is no shine in my hair.... however over the last year or so i have not added any chemicals to my hair n i try n take care of it more. i use lo real or dove products n i also go in for regular hair spa treatments. pl pls do give me tips on how to deal with the above mentioned issues .. thanks a lot

  3. Hi, be sure when you wash you hair that you always rinse shampoo out completely. Many people, including hairdressers fail to rinse hair completely and you're left with a residue. It sounds like your hair is dry because you may be washing it too often which is causing your scalp to produce too much oil. The more frequently you strip your hair of it's natural oils the more your body will produce to replace it. I'm not sure what you mean by sticky. Can that be from products you are using on your hair? Let me know. If your hair has somehow changed and lost it's luster, you may want to consider whether you have changed your lifestyle in any way. Hair is one of the first places that you will see the affects of poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, lack of sleep. All these things will affect your hair. If you have been ill, that will cause your hair to fall or lose it's luster. Just some food for thought. Many times it's what we put into our bodies that affects our hair, more than what we put on our hair. Be sure you are using the right shampoo for your hair type, i.e. if you have color-treated hair, use a shampoo for color-treated hair, etc. Just keep in mind that many shampoos for dry hair and color-treated hair are loaded with moisturizers which can make your hair feel oily rather quickly. If you think you have product buildup, using Apple Cider Vinegar as a rinse will help remove the build up and give you wonderful shine. Also, when you apply conditioner, and I always recommend it after every shampoo, be sure not to apply it to your scalp hair. Only apply conditioner from the base of your head down (the hair you can gather in a low ponytail). This will ensure that you condition the dry area and leave the area that produces oil alone. Always end with a cold water rinse to bring out shine. If you are looking for a new shampoo, I love the Garnier Fructis line. It does have chemicals though like most shampoos, such as sodium laureth Sulphate, but unless you are allergic to these substances, you will probably be fine using it.


  4. Oh my goodness! I just used the shampooing upside down technique... and my hair looks awesome! I love my hair, and I have been using a wide toothed comb, I always condition, and I always let it stay on a couple of minutes before rinsing it. But upside down reduced the tangles so much! And the volume was unbelievable! And the cold water rinse gave it the shine you said it would. Ok, you have me... I will definetly be checking back in to check out new videos. Thanks so much for the tips!
    PS: I'll let you know how my sons' hair cuts go!lol

  5. HI there, a quick question on your oil over night treatment. How do you keep the oil from making a mess in your bed. Do you put a towel over it? Many thanks, B.

  6. Hi, I usually don't put too much oil on; just a thin coating till I feel it on the hair. Then I braid my hair. It really does not get all over because I do not saturate my hair. You were probably a little too liberal with your application. Try a just putting a small amount in the palm of your hands, rubbing them together, and then applying to your hair by rubbing down the hair shaft. If you still feel as though your pillow or face are getting oil on them, then yes, laying a towel on your pillow would be a good idea to protect it. You can also tie a silk scarf around your hair before bed, but if you are a person who moves a lot while sleeping, it may slip off.

  7. Hi,
    I have thick, frizzy red hair and was wondering if you could show me how to towel-dry it. I do wrap the towel into a turban but it doesn't stay up from the weight of my hair. Thank you :)

  8. hi...readin dis ol is bit of my intro, m a helth freak like ya...n as i came across this blog,found it fun.i must congratulate u for the wonderful job u doin, n makin ppl more aware of health n beauty.
    but as a little ques popd up in ma mind, does applyin jojoba o almond oil in hair leads to premature ageing(hair)?as i have experinced this around, i c many ppl sufferin from grey hair after usin these kinda stuf.
    but its wonderful to read this kinda helth stuff so as to help ppl in maintanin their bods in good shape....thx for your genorisity!!! take care....n keep ppl posted with more helthy n beutiful tips.

  9. Hi, thanks so much for your comment. As to you question on whether jojoba oil, etc. can cause premature aging or gray hair, the answer is no. When you go gray is genetically determined, but gray hairs can sometimes pop up overnight in times of stress. So enjoy these natural hair oils because they are wonderful for your hair.

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  11. I've watched your videos on YouTube and loved them all. You've provided such great tips and the videos are wonderful in that you actually show everyone how to do the things you're explaining. I just recently trimmed off my split ends after watching your video, since I felt that my hair really needed it but my stylist always trims too much off to keep my length. I also began using your method of washing hair outside of the shower with cooler water so I'm hoping to see better results down the road with keeping my hair healthy and growing strong! Thank you for all of your advice!!