Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can Products Fix Split Ends?

Hi, i straighten my hair frequently, and i have a lot of split ends because of it. I am trying to grow my hair out to about a foot. My hair is currently at about shoulder length, about 6 or 8 inches. It seems my hair grows very slow, and cutting the split ends seems to defeat the purpose of growing it out longer. what can i do to not only fix the hair, but try to prevent it from happening again because of the frequent heat? please write back!!!

YouTips4U: Hi, straightening your hair frequently can be very damaging and cause split ends. Using conditioner after you shampoo and using leave-in conditioner products to repair the split ends can mend them, but this is only a temporary solution. Conditioning products will smooth out the hair shaft, but it quickly wears off within a day or two. If you ever look at your hair when it's been a few days since you washed your hair, you will notice that your split ends are very obvious, and they weren't obvious after you washed and styled your hair. That is why the only way to save your hair from further breakage caused by split ends is to trim the split ends off. If you don't, they get bigger and ride further up the hair shaft. Eventually they break off leaving your hair shorter. When you have time, please take a look at my video on YouTube on how to blow dry and straighten your hair to minimize damaging it. In this two-part video I give you some tips on how you can still achieve your desired look using a straightener, while minimizing the damaging effects on your hair. Here is the link:

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