Sunday, January 10, 2010

Greasy Hair Tip

My hair is terrible. I have to shampoo my hair EVERY day when I wake up. It's so greasy. Is there anything I can use to stop it?

YouTips4U: Hi, be sure you are using a shampoo for OILY hair because if your shampoo has too many moisturizers and conditioners in it, it is adding to your oiliness. Also, be sure you rinse your shampoo out thoroughly. Any residue left behind can contribute to product buildup and increase sebum production and weigh hair down. This is a common problem in puberty because oil glands become very active. Sometimes it's just a matter of trial and error to find the right product for your hair. Also, when you condition your hair, be sure you only apply conditioner to the hair below your ear lobes; the hair you can gather in a ponytail. Do not condition your scalp. You can use a bit of baby powder massaged into your scalp to soak up excess oil throughout the day. Just apply a small amount in your hands, rub them together and apply to your scalp - not your hair. Try rinsing your scalp with apple cider vinegar. Put a teaspoon of vinegar into a pint of water and use as a finishing rinse. It will help remove any soap residue.


  1. Hi!! Im 21 yrs.. i have long straight but very thin hair. The problem is my scalp is oily and hair is dry. I need to wash my hair every alternate day since my scalp becomes very greasy. Since i do not have much volume
    and my hair is dry they look dull and lifeless. What do i do to make my hair HEALTHY. .Can u suggest me proper hair
    care regime? and also some tip to increase volume to my hair! Thank You!!!

    P.S - u resmble my mom a lot!!!

  2. Hi, be sure you are using a shampoo for oily hair as they are specially formulated to help deal with excessive oil production on the scalp. Be sure when you condition your hair that you only apply conditioner to the ends; not the scalp or scalp hair. Also, limit how often you touch and brush your hair. Everytime you brush or touch your hair, you help to distribute the oil down the hair shaft causing hair to become oily quickly. Brushing hair twice daily is sufficient. To help create more volume, shampoo your hair upside down as I show you in my YouTube Video entitled "Properly shampooing your Hair to Prevent Breakage". If you use heat styling, I recommend that you turn your head upside down and gently pull at the roots to lift the hair from the scalp. This creates a lot of volume. Be sure you spritz with a hairspray when you flip back up to help lock in the volume.