Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tips and Product Suggestions for Fine Oily Hair

Question: Hi there! Thanks for your videos! They are very informative. Could you suggest some tips or even products for extremely fine oily hair? I'm 30 and have shoulder length blond hair that is so fine, fragile and needs to be washed daily. I think I might have a hormonal imbalance and am afraid i will be bald by the time I'm 50. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

YouTips4U: Fine hair is most susceptible to becoming oily quickly and can get this way after in one day. You want a gentle shampoo that's recommended for daily or frequent washing. It's also helpful if the shampoo contains panthenol (Vitamin B5). Panthenol has been praised by hair experts for being able to penetrate the hair cuticle making each strand thicker. Another tip: Use a dry shampoo or baby powder between washings. It will help soak up excess oil, and add body as well. Have you tried Garnier Fructis Body Boost Shampoo? I love the Garnier Fructis line of products. This one will help to give you volume and shine and is gentle to your hair. Their products are great.

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