Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Protect Your Skin From the Chlorine in Pool Water

Question: Hi YouTips4U, what should i do before going swimming in a pool because I've noticed that the chlorine water is damaging my skin color?? Please help...***

YouTips4U Replied: Chlorine and Bromine can be harsh to your skin causing itching and dryness in many people who frequently swim. I have two suggestions for you to help protect your skin. The first suggestion is to apply a waterproof sunscreen before swimming like Coppertone Kids Sunscreen SPF 50 or 70 which is my absolute favorite as it really lasts. If you are outdoors, you should be doing this anyway to protect against the sun's harmful rays. But be sure to reapply if you are going to be spending extending time at the poolside.

My second suggestion is if you are indoors and do not want to use sunscreen(although you can if you want to), you can apply a thin layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your skin before entering the pool. Both of these products act as a barrier and repel the water forming a seal on your skin that locks in moisture and keeps the water from penetrating. I use Vaseline all the time when I swim in the winter months because the combination of dry heat and cold temperatures adds to the likelihood that my skin will develop a reaction from the chlorinated water.

Swimming is wonderful exercise, so don't let a little chlorine/bromine in the water stop you from enjoying the benefits of this wonderful total body exercise.


  1. i swim more then 90 min daily then what should i have to do to protect my skin......

  2. thanx for it i'll try this out but tell which company keeps waterproof sunscreen lotions i hav tried lakme but its not waterproof

  3. hii i swim 100 mins daily pls tell me how to prevent my skin from chlorine....

  4. Take shower before swimming, apply sunscreen or vaseline, swim for half an hour ,again reapply sunscreen or vaseline and swim for another half an hour, and repeat till you want to be in the pool. Once you are out finally, take cold water shower, shampoo your hair, apply conditioner liberally, and apply sunscreen or moisturizer evenly.

  5. I stay in the pool for 300 mins daily what must I use my skin is getting itchy and dry