Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've Had 4 Children - Can I Still Get A Flat Stomach?

Question: Hi YouTips4U, I just saw your video on flat abs on YouTube Click here to Go to My YouTube Channel - just a few questions if you don't mind - I've had 4 kids and two twins so you can imagine what I'm left with - saggy with stretch marks. Is it possible to have a tummy like yours and if so, how long would it take providing I do my exercises daily?

YouTips4U: Hi, I'm so glad you wrote because I have great news for you from real life experience. In the last 10 years I have known two women who have had twins. Both woman's twins were born at 7 pounds each which is a really good size for twins and they have other children as well. Both women have unbelievable tummies; both tight and flat. There is a bit of excess skin, but not noticeable unless she really shows you. They both worked out hard to get there and by that I mean they stuck to a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. It took about 1 1/2 years for them to look great. So, the bottom line is there is a pot of gold at the end of your hard work exercise rainbow - so go for it because I saw these ladies look fabulous and I was so amazed considering how big their tummies had gotten. Your skin will tighten and retract and your stretch marks will eventually fade to a silvery white. I have had two children myself and my figure is exactly how it was before I had my children, actually, I think it's even better!

Dear YouTips4U: Omg thanks for replying!! So it is possible!! Wow!! I had all 4 births without gas and the pain I took was immense, but when it comes down to tummy tucks and breast lifts etc., it scares me, plus I don't have the luxury of healing with four kids, the youngest 10 months. You can imagine the madness that goes on lol. I'm so pleased it's possible - I asked doctors about surgery, but I was skeptical to get a nip and tuck done so I'm well pleased its possible. If I do still have that small amount of remaining skin left behind, and it bothers me, I may have that removed but it's better to get a mid tummy tuck than an arm lift/breast lift/full tummy tuck and so on.... Thanks again for your info and experience and experienced stories!! much appreciated!

YouTips4U: Hi, you are so welcome! I'm glad to help. I'm with you; I would never consider surgery, I'm way too chicken and I'd much rather work hard to achieve my goal. It really is way too soon for you to think about that. Your youngest is only 10 months old. You really do need to give your body about 2 years to get back into decent shape; especially if you breastfeed. Keep working at the exercise and you will be so happy you did. It really makes a tremendous difference. Our bodies are so unbelievably responsive. You've had 4 natural births with no medication, so I know you are tough. This challenge will seem small compared to getting through that. If you stay committed, my prediction is that in time, you will be so confident and happy about your body that you'll forget all about surgeries! Please be patient with yourself because it does take time and that can be hard to find when you're a mom, but keep working at and you WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! The feeling of accomplishment that you will attain will be worth the effort.

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