Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Makeup Tips - Get That Summer Sun-Kissed Bronze Look

Summer is a terrific time to experiment with makeup and try different looks. Our skin usually has a little base tan and the increased humidity makes for a wonderfully dewy complexion. Looking for something different that anyone can wear? How about trying a bronzed look. This can be done very simply with the right make up colors. Be sure you select the right shades for your skin type. If you have very fair porcelain skin, you won't look natural with a deep copper look. A light glow is more flattering and natural so you'll want to select a more peachy light bronze shade to work with. If you have medium skin, a more tawny or terracotta bronze works best, and for darker skin tones, choose deep bronze and copper shades. For most people, sheer color works best on your face. Make up should be applied sparingly with particular attention to blending, and don't forget your neck!

First, mix a little gold shimmer in with your foundation.

Next, apply a bronzer to the prominent areas of your face that the sun would most likely hit naturally, like your chin, cheekbones, forehead. Helps to keep the look natural. I always prefer bronzing powder to creams and gels. They hold up best. Use a large brush to apply rather than the small ones that come with most bronzers, you will get a much more even and natural application.

Now, dust a little blush on your cheeks. Be sure your blush has a darker pigment than you normally wear.

Next, apply bronze eye shadow to your eyelids from your lash line to your crease.

Next, apply a small amount of shimmery light gold eye shadow under the arch of your eyebrows and to the inside corner of your eyes. This color should be quite a bit lighter that what you are using on your eyelids.

Apply black mascara.

Finish your look off with some beautiful Sheer Bronze Lipstick. For an extra gorgeous effect for your lips, dab a dot of your gold shimmery eyeshadow to the center of your lower lip in your pout spot.

And there you have it!