Saturday, August 21, 2010

Help for Armpit/Underarm Odor

Many or you have written because despite your faithful use of your deodorant, you are still noticing an odor. I have some very helpful tips for you to help beat underarm odor caused by summer heat and humidity which can really turn on our sweat glands. There are things you can do to help eliminate your underarm odor problem:

1) Shower daily and use antibacterial soap or 100% glycerin soap in your underarm area. Very often soaps we use on our bodies have too many moisturizers, etc. and they just don't clean the bacteria under our armpits away properly.

2. After you shower and you're completely dry, apply your deodorant. I always recommend using deodorant rather than anti-persperant because anti-perspirants block your sweat glads. Please see my video on YouTube on using natural deodorants and powders as a great substitute. Here is the link: Healthier Deodorant Choices For Preventing Armpit Odor Risks of Aluminum Antiperpirants To Body If you shower before bed, you should still apply your deodorant to help prevent the growth of bacteria till morning and then reapply your deodorant.

3.  In between showers, you can freshen up by wiping your underarm area with Witch Hazel Astringent: Just put a little on a cotton ball and clean your underarms with it. Use a separate cotton ball for each armpit.  Please see my video on the many wonderful uses for Witch Hazel: 16 Beauty Hacks - One Amazing Natural Product

3. Shave your armpits regularly. As soon as you even see a little stubble, shave it because the bacteria thrive in the hair and cause odor to form.

4. Avoid wearing tight shirts. You want to wear looser fitting tops because you will get better air flow and it will help to keep you drier and smelling better. Also, wear natural fibers whenever possible, like cotton because they breathe and won't lock in wetness and odor.

5. You may have to keep some powder with you to apply to your armpits throughout the day to help prevent odor even if you are wearing deodorant. I recommend Vagisil Powder. It's terrific because it prevents and eliminates odor, it smells lovely, and it's gentle and talc free.



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  3. Hi, Try using the body srub you normally use on your body for the the armpits also....another way to keep odor down and armpits soft is by using the SUGARING METHOD for removing underarm hair...sugar-wax can be made with sugar/water/lemon juice ( no chemicals, CHECK YOUTUBE FOR DIRECTIONS) and then applying on armpit hair and using linen strips to wax it off....makes armpit soft, slows hair growth and reduces odor..hope it helps