Sunday, November 7, 2010

Did You Know?

Here are seven helpful health and diet fact tips that you may not know, but should. Did you know that:

1. Hot pepper can help you slim down. Hot peppers contain a compound called capsaicin which is what give the peppers their kick. Capsaicin raises your core body temperature which causes you to burn more calories. The hotter the peppers, the greater the metabolic effect. Try adding them to sauces, curries, and chili.

2. Organic snacks may have more calories than their non-organic equivalent. Many people believe that when they buy an organic snack, like cookies, for example, that they will have less fat and calories than if they buy the same cookie in the non-organic variety. Organic cookies may contain ingredients grown without synthetic pesticides, but in some cases they can have more calories. So be sure to read the label to see the calorie and fat count.

3. One single Broccoli stalk contains more than a day's worth of Vitamin C. So when you eat broccoli, don't forget that the stalks are important for you too. I peel them and steam them right along with my florets.

4. People who graze lose more weight than people who eat the same amount of food and calories, but have it in three meals. Grazing keeps your metabolism raised, your blood sugar steady and helps minimize the storage of excess fat. Remember to keep portions smaller. So instead of three meals a day, eat 6 and help your body use it's own process to naturally lose weight.

5. Olive oil loses its antioxidant properties over time. Don't leave olive oil near the stove, or uncapped for too long because it is sensitive to oxygen, heat and light. If you don't use it often, buy it in small bottles and keep it in a cool dark place.

5. The secret of long lasting nail polish is not in the polish, but in the top coat. Many nail salons order top coats that dry fast and chip more easily. I say, buy your own and bring it with you to the salon, or simply do your nails yourself at home. My favorite top coat is Revlon Top Coat available at most drugstores.

6. Keeping your cuts covered and moist will help them fade faster and may hopefully leave the most minimal trace of a scar depending on the severity of the cut. Many people think you need to keep a cut uncovered to let it heal and breathe. This is not true and cuts actually heal better when covered. Also, a covered cut is protected from bacteria entering the skin.

7. Digging in your purse is the most common way that women damage their cuticles. Please pay close attention to this when you are going into your purse. Damaged cuticles lead to poor nail growth and infections.

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  2. Hello! I have some questions for you if you don't mind:
    -How did you find direction in your life? (career, etc.)
    -What were you like as a student? Study tips?
    -When did you start with these routines? (when did you seriously start taking care)
    -What routines would you recommend for a busy student? (skin care, fitness, etc.)
    -How do you deal with disappointment (you seem to be living a life with no regret!)
    -How do/did you accumulate all your knowledge?
    -What is a typical schedule of a day in your life? (include products, routines, diet, etc.)
    -Are you ~25-26 years old? (Don't have to answer this question ☺, you look very young).
    Sorry for asking a lot of personal questions.

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