Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shaving Your Legs Tip!

To help avoid ingrown hairs, rashes and red bumps when you shave your legs, be sure that you do not have goose bumps on your legs when you shave. This happens quite quickly when we lift our leg out of the warm water stream to shave it while resting it against the side of the tub. The sudden exposure to cooler air produces goosebumps, especially in the winter months. Be sure to wait until they go away and your skin returns to its smooth normal texture before shaving, or you will undoubtedly shave off bits of your skin along with the hair. Also, because the skin is raised with the goose bumps, so is the hair follicle causing you to shave too close which leads to ingrown hairs. Please visit my YouTube Channel for more helpful videos on shaving. Here is the link: YouTips4U. When you're on my channel page, simply enter key words into the search bar on the far right to see my videos of interest.

I hope you found this tip helpful in preventing razor rashes!

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