Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Should Your Skin Feel Squeaky Clean After Washing?

The answer is no. Many of us were taught that in order to be clean our skin has to feel squeaky clean, however, unless your skin feels soft and supple after you cleanse it, your cleanser could be too harsh. Washing your face daily is very important and necessary to remove acne-causing bacteria, makeup, oil, and dead skin cells, however, harsh detergents and overwashing can actually trigger breakouts from excessive oil production and increase the appearance of fine lines. Your body will compensate for the lack of moisture and natural oils and start producing too much. It's best to use a gentle cleanser with hydrators. My favorite is Purpose Soap-Free Cleanser; in the pump bottle. It washes away dirt,oils, and bacteria, without stripping the skin of all of it's necessary moisture and is available at most drugstores. You will really feel the difference.


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