Monday, February 21, 2011

What To Do For Various Foot Problems

Our feet are so important to our everyday comfort and we don't always appreciate them until we have a problem with them. Very often we let things go until we are in quite a bit of discomfort. Here are some helpful tips for dealing with very common foot ailments and some tips to prevent their occurrence.

Athlete's Foot - I have found Lamisil to be by far the best at curing athlete's foot fungus. If you are prone to athletes foot be sure to spray your sneakers with sneaker spray disinfectant after each prolonged exercise use. Also, you may want to use a medicated foot powder during prolonged periods of sweating.

Plantar Warts - salicylic wart pads work best and can be trimmed to the proper size to cover just the wart. You'll want to use a pumice stone (you can purchase one in any drugstore)to buff off the top layer before applying the wart pad. Be sure to wear flip flops/shower shoes whenever you shower in any public shower area to help prevent exposure to plantar's warts virus.

Ingrown Toenail- very common if you do not cut your toenails straight across. Soak your foot in warm water for at least 10 minutes each day and apply an antibacterial ointment or tea tree oil. Be sure to trim toenails straight across to avoid this reoccurring and place a drop of tea tree oil on each toe after trimming to reduce chances of infection.

Blister - had a great night dancing in your high heels, but now you're in pain with a blister - place some antibiotic ointment on it and cover it with a hydrocolloid gel bandage. These bandages are non-permeable by bacteria and speed the healing process. They are also waterproof and transparent, so you can observe the wound without taking off the bandage.

Corn or Callus - use a pumice stone (you can purchase one in any drugstore) to gently buff away the top layers of the skin. Then apply moisturizer morning and night.

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