Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Low Impact Way to Stay Fit

Swimming is a wonderful full-body workout that many people don't think of when they think of exercise. Not only is it a great exercise for anyone with a bad back or other health concern that prevents them from running, walking, etc., but it is also a wonderful stress reliever. The repetitive motion of stroking back and forth in water can dissolve away stress. So if you are looking for a terrific low-impact, high intensity (or low intensity depending on how fast you swim) cardio vascular exercise to help you get fit, burn calories and stay healthy, swimming is a wonderful choice.

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Which is Better Weight Lifting with Dumbbells or Machines?

The answer is they are both great, and here's what you should know. When you lift using dumbbells, you have to lift as well as balance which causes your smaller stabilizing muscles to work harder. Machines, on the other hand, keep the weights steady for you, so you don't work your smaller stabilizing muscles as much, but because the machines do the stabilizing for you, you are often able to lift more pounds than with free weights and therefore bulk up faster. Machines make it possible for you to work your larger muscles more. In my opinion it's best to do both. I love the machines for ease of use and stability and form, but I also use dumbbells so that I don't neglect my smaller stabilizers. Keeping your smaller stabilizer muscles fit helps to prevent injury because they are the support network for the larger muscles.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Wash Your Makeup Brushes to Help Prevent Acne

If you take good care of your makeup brush, they will last you a long time. I always recommend natural bristle brushes, both for hair and for makeup. Natural bristles are more pliable and hold powder better. Washing your makeup brushes is very helpful if you suffer from acne breakouts because it helps remove the pimmple causing oils and bacteria that can naturally build up on your brushes from repeated use. That bacteria can remain on your brush and then get spread around your face. For best results always use your makeup brushes on clean dry skin. If any of your pimples are oozing because you just picked, avoid touching it with your makeup brush. As least once a month, you should wash your brushes with a clarifying shampoo. Massaging in between the bristles with the lather. I recommend a clarifying shampoo because it has less moisturizers to remain on your brushes and rinses clean. Rinse them well and shake them out over your sink. Lay them flat on your counter on a towel and let them air dry. If you see you have any bristles that are popping out from the rest, simply trim them off. Once they are dry you are good to go.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tip to Help You Stay on Target with Your Diet and Exercise Goals - Write it Down!

I have a great tip for you to help you stick to your exercise fitness goals, whether they be to tone up, lose weight, slim down, or add more muscle. Remind yourself every day why you want to stay focused on your goals by putting it in writing. Write down or key in a list of reasons (try to come up with at least 10), and keep your list handy. Put it on your smartphone, your ipad, your screensaver, or just a note stuck to your fridge, but keep it close by and easily accessible. People who write down the reasons why they want to achieve something are much more successful in achieving their goals. Read your list when you wake up and take it out every time you have a weak moment. I found keeping it in my purse to be very helpful because I can easily whip it out in the supermarket or movie theater or wherever I need a a friendly reminder. It will be a comfort and a motivation for you.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Prevent Your Hands From Making You Look Older

Hi Ladies, something we never think about protecting, but can show signs of aging sometimes earlier than our faces can are our hands. Have you ever watched a soap opera and the older actresses look wonderful. Their faces are radiant and wrinkle free. Well I'm sure they took good care of their skin as well as probably had a bit of plastic surgery. The problem is when you see their hands. Their age is given away immediately. As we age, the skin on our hands gets thinner normally as we lose some of our fat layers, but the real damage comes from dry skin and sun exposure. It's important to remember that our hands are usually always exposed to the elements. In the winter they can get cold and chapped if you are not diligent about applying moisturizer and wearing gloves. In the summer, the sun hits them constantly wherever you may be outdoors, whether your watching your children play sports in the stands, or hanging out at the beach. Your hands also get constant exposure to the sun when driving. Many people don't think of applying sunscreen to their hands, but it is, most certainly, necessary to prevent premature aging, sun spots, freckling, and wrinkling of your hands. So take care of your hands and protect them like you would protect your face. And while I'm at it, let me remind you that in addition to protecting your face with moisturizers and sunscreen, you should also protect your neck. Your neck area has very thin skin and is exposed to the elements as much as your face. Don't leave it unprotected. Remember to apply your moisturizer with sunscreen to your neck area as well.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Your Most Important Makeup Necessities When You're in a Rush

Don't have time for makeup because you're in a big hurry to get somewhere or pick someone up. We don't always have time to put our makeup on the way we like to when we want to look our best. Sometimes we are so rushed and barely have time for lip gloss, but it's worth taking that extra minute to enhance your appearance with just two simple products: 1) Bronzer, and 2) Lipstick or Lip Gloss with pigment.

Bronzer is one of the most beneficial makeup accessories. Just a quick dusting gives you a healthy sun-kissed glow, makes you look less tired, brings out your hair's natural highlights (or applied highlights)and can make that wait for summer seem bearable. A tip on application: avoid applying the bronzer on your pimples as it will make them darker and more visible; simply avoid brushing over them. Also, if you have facial lines, try to avoid brushing the bronzer into those lines as it will collect in them and enhance the lines. Simply avoid brushing bronzer over them.

The second necessity is Lipstick or Lip Gloss (you choose, but if you choose lip gloss, select one with pigment). Lipstick or lip gloss adds color and definition to your mouth, and makes your smile stand out so you're more apt to be friendlier and smile more often. You will also avoid chapped lips, sun damage, and licking your lips constantly.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Find Your Beauty

Hi Ladies, we can all find something we don't like on ourselves. Well, I have some tips for you on how you can change the way you feel about yourself simply by changing your attitude.

For each thing you don't like about yourself, find something you do like. It could be as simple as pretty lips, dimples, dark eyelashes, big eyes. Now put the emphasis on those parts! So if you don't like your eyes, but you love your lips, play up your lips with bright lipstick, but keep your eyes more neutral. This goes for your body as well.

Now, for the things you don't like. Change them if you can. If you feel you are overweight, exercise and start maintaining a healthy diet. Don't like your hair, visit a salon and find out what your options are for a style that works for you. Don't just feel bad about these things if you are able to do something about them.

For the things you cannot change, simply let them go. You must accept that they are part of who you are. They are the things that make you "you". Anyone who cares about you wouldn't want you to change those things because they are familiar, recognizable and special. That's how you stay positive and happy through life. Very often the things you find unattractive or problematic, like a mole on your face, or perhaps freckles, others see as distinctive and simply make you "you".

So I say, for the things you can and want to change "make it happen" you can absolutely do that. For the things you cannot change, embrace them and move on and focus on what you like about yourself. You will exhibit more confidence and people will be drawn to that inner beauty and peace that comes out of a person who is truly comfortable in their own body. Their smile is genuine and simply lights up a room and makes others feel at ease. Draw yourself out, not in, and you will find the secret to a happy life :o)

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hair Color Can Enhance Your Haircut

You can really enhance your haircut with color. The right color can also enhance your skin. If you have layered hair, which is one of the most frequently requested haircuts at salons, adding highlights throughout your hair can greatly accentuate the layers and add depth and definition to your haircut. The beauty of layered hair is seeing the layers and fullness. Highlights enable your cut to pop! You may not need to do the entire head, just the top 2-3 layers may be enough to create a sense of depth to your hair.

If you have a sleek, straight or blunt cut and want lots of shine, you'll want to use a rich single-process color. All over one color reflects more light and lays smooth. When choosing a color, keep your skin tone in mind. You don't want to stray too far from your natural color or you could look pale or washed out. Coloring your hair slightly lighter than your natural shade can help soften fine lines and wrinkles and bring light to your face. It creates a more youthful glow.

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How to Gain Weight

Hi, I have two babies and during both pregnancies I lost so much weight. Now I would love to gain more weight. I would like to have a really small waist and big booty and legs, but I just don't know what to do. I know I have to eat to gain weight for my butt, and eat right for my waist and stomach. Right now I weigh 115 lbs. I would like to weigh 140. Can you help me?

YouTips4U Ans.: Trying to gain weight can take time just like losing weight can because you want to gain weight with healthy foods not junk foods that are high in saturated fats, trans fats, and refined sugar. I recommend adding more healthy fats and proteins to your diet like lean meats, fish, poultry, olive oil, peanut butter or other nut butters, nuts, seeds, avocados, things that will be more calorie dense. You'll also want to add healthy carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Whenever you have an apple, add some peanut butter. Eat these calorie dense meals more frequently and you will gain weight. Eat five or six smaller balanced meals throughout the day rather than eating three large meals. This is also helpful if you are not used to eating a lot at one sitting.

You will want to focus your exercise more on resistance exercises such as lifting weights. This will help you firm and tone your body and is a better choice for gaining weight than aerobic/cardio exercises. Cardio exercise such as running, jogging, and cycling is better for fat loss. Excessive aerobic training may cause you to lose more weight. You can do resistance exercises at home with sit ups, push ups, and dumbbells, or in a gym with weight equipment. Please visit my YouTube Channel as I have many exercise videos uploaded that you can do right at home to help you have a toned shapely figure.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Energized Without Coffee/Caffeine

Are you having trouble concentrating in class. Are you nodding off in a meeting. Well, I have some tips that will help energize you:

1. Eat some dark chocolate. Not only is dark chocolate loaded with anti-oxidants, but it is a wonderful mood booster that's loaded with energy-boosting flavanols which are found in cocoa. This is my absolute favorite energy snack.

2. Inhaling the scent of peppermint. Sniffing peppermint can be a wonderful mood booster to help keep you alert. Either suck on a peppermint lifesaver, or what I prefer is to keep a tiny bottle of peppermint aroma oil at your desk. Simply dab a bit on your pulse points and you'll perk right up.

3. Take out a piece of paper and start doodling. Doodling can help refocus and boost your attention. This is especially great for students.

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Listen to Your Body

Hi Everybody, we live in a world that's all about pushing ourselves so we don't look weak. We don't want others to think we are wimpy or can't handle things. I've heard dad's tell their sons "tough it out" "it'll build character". Well this type of thinking is great for accomplishing tasks that you otherwise want to give up on, but it's not a good way to take care of your body. We need to teach our children and ourselves to get in touch with out bodies. Our bodies do speak to us and tell us when we are not feeling well or need sleep or perhaps food. I have always encouraged my children to listen to their bodies. If they are not feeling well, there is no reason to push them to go to school. If they are very tired, I encourage them to sleep in. We must honor our bodies and in turn our body will take good care of us. If you are sick, you will get well much quicker instead of going in the other direction which is often a long drawn-out bronchitis or other complication from not taking care of a cold. Also, I encourage you all to listen to your tummy. When it feels hungry, eat, and pay attention to when it feels full. Stop eating before you feel very stuffed. Remember, your brain doesn't register how full you are for 15 minutes, and if you are a fast eater, you can easily overeat, so slow down and listen to your body. Take it easy on yourself and not just your health, but your appearance as well. We all have attributes of our physical appearance that we don't like, or perhaps like less. Try not to focus on the parts you don't like and pay attention to the parts you do like. Remember, you may think something is so obvious, and usually another person looking at you won't even see it. We tend to magnify our problem areas beyond what is truly reality. A lot of this can be blamed on the media for highlighting problem areas constantly, but keep in mind that it is their job as they are usually trying to sell you something. The only way for you to "buy it" is for you to think it will improve something you fear or feel badly about. Take it all with a grain of salt and realize that you are beautiful inside and out. If you have a beautiful heart and soul, it will shine through and captivate people; this I promise you. People will be drawn to your inner beauty like a magnet and because your inner beautiful is so bright they will be unable to see any physical flaw you may have. I hope this will help remind you to go easy on yourself, listen to your inner voice, and take care of yourself.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Give Yourself A Manicure - Quick Tips for Pretty Nails

You don't have to have a lot of time on your hands to give yourself a manicure as good as the professionals. Follow these great tips:

Step 1: Soak hands and nails in warm water mixed with olive oil to soften and moisturize cuticles.

Step 2: Gently push back your cuticles using either a wooden popsicle stick or use a stone cuticle pusher.

Step 3: File your nails with a fine file and always file in one direction. Using a coarse nail file, or sawing back and forth makes your nails more prone to breakage.

Step 4: When you're ready to polish, wash your hands first with soap and water. Soap nails to remove any oils. Getting rid of oils on your nails will help polish adhere better and prevent chipping.

Step 5: First, apply a base coat. Base coats keep colored nail polish from staining your nails, and create a nice smooth surface so color goes on evenly and lasts longer. Let dry.

Step 6: Apply polish. For best application, wipe one side of the brush against the mouth of the bottle to remove excess polish. Paint three strokes on each nail: one down the middle, then one on each side. Apply a bit of polish to the very tips of your nail to help prevent chips. Let Dry. Apply second coat. Let Dry. Finish with a clear top coat.

Final Tips: Always apply nail polish in thin layers. Thick coats will not stick to your nails as well and cause them to chip quicker. Use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to gently remove any smudges on your fingers. To help keep your polish looking great, apply a fresh coat of clear top coat every other day or as needed.

One of my favorite nail polishes is OPI. It lasts, and comes in great colors. These are terrific salon quality nail polishes. Don't want to spend the extra money, consider just buying the base coat and top coat so you have your cheaper polish sandwiched between good polishes.

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Drink Water First

Hi Everybody, if you have cravings to eat, but you're not really hungry, you may be thirsty! Instead of reaching for a snack, reach for a glass or bottle of water. Very often we misinterpret out body's call for water as a call for food. So before you reach for food, drink water first. If you truly are hungry, you will still be hungry after drinking the water. Drinking water throughout the day helps keep you hydrated, your metabolism running smoothly, your skin looking great, and your concentration level at its best. Even a mild case of dehydration can affect your memory. So to all my readers who are students with their SATs eminent, be sure you're hydrated for the test, and good luck!

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