Monday, March 14, 2011

Find Your Beauty

Hi Ladies, we can all find something we don't like on ourselves. Well, I have some tips for you on how you can change the way you feel about yourself simply by changing your attitude.

For each thing you don't like about yourself, find something you do like. It could be as simple as pretty lips, dimples, dark eyelashes, big eyes. Now put the emphasis on those parts! So if you don't like your eyes, but you love your lips, play up your lips with bright lipstick, but keep your eyes more neutral. This goes for your body as well.

Now, for the things you don't like. Change them if you can. If you feel you are overweight, exercise and start maintaining a healthy diet. Don't like your hair, visit a salon and find out what your options are for a style that works for you. Don't just feel bad about these things if you are able to do something about them.

For the things you cannot change, simply let them go. You must accept that they are part of who you are. They are the things that make you "you". Anyone who cares about you wouldn't want you to change those things because they are familiar, recognizable and special. That's how you stay positive and happy through life. Very often the things you find unattractive or problematic, like a mole on your face, or perhaps freckles, others see as distinctive and simply make you "you".

So I say, for the things you can and want to change "make it happen" you can absolutely do that. For the things you cannot change, embrace them and move on and focus on what you like about yourself. You will exhibit more confidence and people will be drawn to that inner beauty and peace that comes out of a person who is truly comfortable in their own body. Their smile is genuine and simply lights up a room and makes others feel at ease. Draw yourself out, not in, and you will find the secret to a happy life :o)

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