Thursday, March 3, 2011

Give Yourself A Manicure - Quick Tips for Pretty Nails

You don't have to have a lot of time on your hands to give yourself a manicure as good as the professionals. Follow these great tips:

Step 1: Soak hands and nails in warm water mixed with olive oil to soften and moisturize cuticles.

Step 2: Gently push back your cuticles using either a wooden popsicle stick or use a stone cuticle pusher.

Step 3: File your nails with a fine file and always file in one direction. Using a coarse nail file, or sawing back and forth makes your nails more prone to breakage.

Step 4: When you're ready to polish, wash your hands first with soap and water. Soap nails to remove any oils. Getting rid of oils on your nails will help polish adhere better and prevent chipping.

Step 5: First, apply a base coat. Base coats keep colored nail polish from staining your nails, and create a nice smooth surface so color goes on evenly and lasts longer. Let dry.

Step 6: Apply polish. For best application, wipe one side of the brush against the mouth of the bottle to remove excess polish. Paint three strokes on each nail: one down the middle, then one on each side. Apply a bit of polish to the very tips of your nail to help prevent chips. Let Dry. Apply second coat. Let Dry. Finish with a clear top coat.

Final Tips: Always apply nail polish in thin layers. Thick coats will not stick to your nails as well and cause them to chip quicker. Use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to gently remove any smudges on your fingers. To help keep your polish looking great, apply a fresh coat of clear top coat every other day or as needed.

One of my favorite nail polishes is OPI. It lasts, and comes in great colors. These are terrific salon quality nail polishes. Don't want to spend the extra money, consider just buying the base coat and top coat so you have your cheaper polish sandwiched between good polishes.

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