Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tip to Help You Stay on Target with Your Diet and Exercise Goals - Write it Down!

I have a great tip for you to help you stick to your exercise fitness goals, whether they be to tone up, lose weight, slim down, or add more muscle. Remind yourself every day why you want to stay focused on your goals by putting it in writing. Write down or key in a list of reasons (try to come up with at least 10), and keep your list handy. Put it on your smartphone, your ipad, your screensaver, or just a note stuck to your fridge, but keep it close by and easily accessible. People who write down the reasons why they want to achieve something are much more successful in achieving their goals. Read your list when you wake up and take it out every time you have a weak moment. I found keeping it in my purse to be very helpful because I can easily whip it out in the supermarket or movie theater or wherever I need a a friendly reminder. It will be a comfort and a motivation for you.

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