Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tips on How to Hide Thinning Hair Bald Patches

Hi, do you any tips on how to hide thinning hair especially in the crown area?

YouTips4u Ans. Hi, I have several suggestions for you:

First, you want to create some volume to cover up the thinning. You can do this by getting a cut that layers your hair in the crown area as with layered bangs or you can have long bangs.

Also, blow dry your hair upside down to enhance volume. You may also want to use a volumizing spray or mousse to help hold the volume. Spray at the roots then gentle lift the hair from the scalp while you blow dry upside down.

You may also want to consider getting highlights. Highlights create volume because they cause the hair shaft to swell and they also create depth. Highlights and low lights also work very well. They can be especially nice if you have a layered cut. Speak to your stylist and tell him/her what you are trying to achieve. They can be very effectively placed for enhanced volume.

There is also a product on the market called Toppik.
I have not tried it, but I have heard that it really helps to hide thinning spots where scalp may be exposed. Toppik fibers are made of keratin protein and when you shake it on your thinning or bald areas, it intertwines with your own hair and bonds securely. It comes in different colors to match your hair color.

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