Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can the New Social Media Craze of Staying Connected Stress You Out?

Constantly checking your Blackberry, iPhone, Facebook, and Twitter can become an addictive habit and can stress you out. When you're not on your devices or online, you worry that someone may be trying to contact you or that you're missing something amazing or fun. This habit can stress you out and actually take time away from doing things that involve real-life interaction with people. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who keeps checking their phone for texts. They're reading their texts and replying to them while trying to listen or talk to you. Frustrating right? We've all been there. Unfortunately, people who are constantly doing this are missing out on connecting with others and this continuous multitasking interrupts attention spans and actually causes you to feel on edge. People forget how to concentrate and listen to someone. You don't have to live without your Blackberry or iPhone handheld device; simply cut back a bit. Practice going for a period of time without picking it up and checking it. Wean yourself from it a bit. You will be surprised at how free and relaxed you will feel. You will enjoy your surroundings more; notice a beautiful day; read a book; hang out with friends and really have fun listening to each other. We live in such a connected society that it is now becoming more and more precious to just disconnect and do whatever you want without having to answer to someone. So just do it! Turn off the computer! Turn off the phone! Go outside and notice the beautiful day!!!

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  1. I noticed that I am pretty addicted to facebook nowadays. And when I think that a few months ago I didn;t even had a facebook account.

    But I did have to leave to another city for a weekend, and I had no internet connection, no nothing, just my phone. I staid at a small hotel, it was soooo relaxing. Not having to check emails, facebook, connect on skype, se who is online.. and all that.

    I came back totally refreshed.