Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is it More Fuel Efficient to Drive with the Air Conditioner on or the Windows Open?

Ever wonder whether it's more fuel efficient to drive with the air conditioner on in hot weather or drive with your windows open. While running the AC system uses fuel to circulate refrigerant and power the fans, driving with your windows open creates a drag on your car's aerodynamic ability. So which is more economical for your pocketbook? Well, studies found that at speeds below 55 mph, vehicles got the same mileage from their gasoline whether they drove with windows open and the AC off, or using the AC with windows closed. However, when driving above 55 mph, it was more economical to drive with the air conditioner on and your windows closed.

Hope you enjoyed this little energy tip!

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  1. While talking about fuel efficiency we should consider the health issues of both.

    AC system is known to create problems with those individuals that are a bit more sensitive. My brother in law gets a huge headache if he drives with the AC on.

    On the other hand, some get some nasty back aches or headaches from driving with the window down. The draft created by the open window is not too good for those with back problems (like me)