Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer's Over - Time for a Little Trim

Now that summer is over, it's time to think about removing those dead dry and split ends that occur from swimming, fun in the sun, surf, and chlorine pool water. Several months of summer fun can really wreck havoc on your locks. You don't want to wait too long for a trim because if you have dry split ends, they can travel up the hair shaft and break further up your hair. By removing those dry split ends down by the ends of your hair, you spare the loss of length. This is important for anyone trying to grow their hair long. After your trim, pay careful attention to the health of your hair to keep your hair from getting dry and split with conditioning treatments and gentle styling; you now have a nice fresh start to continue growing your hair long. So if you have been putting off a little pampering for yourself, now is a great time to think about either visiting your salon for a trim, or you can give yourself a haircut at home and save that hard-earned cash. Please see my video on how you can cut your own here. Here is the link to my YouTube video: How to Cut Your Own Hair

I also have a YouTube video on how to trim your own bangs. Here is the link to that video: How to Cut, Trim, & Layer Your Own Bangs

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  1. You don't have to wait 'til fall to take care of your hair.

    You can make various hair masks to make sure you won;t get those split ends in the first place.

    A quick mask you can do at home is this:

    you will need are about 3-4 teaspoons of olive oil, about the same amount of lemon juice and one egg yolk. Mix the three products thoroughly in a small bowl that is large enough for you to dip your fingers into.

    Take the mixture and apply to your scalp. This will nourish your hair, making it stronger and shinier. Reduces hair loss and split ends as well.

  2. Hi, I love reading your posts and have seen almost all videos. Must tell you that you are lovely and just like thanks so much for all the tips and help.

  3. Hi YouTips4U! nice piece of information. i just wanted to high-lite that in summer Every day, your skin is exposed to external factors like free radicals, wind, harsh weather, stress, and the ultraviolet radiation (UV) found in sunlight. if you could just add some beauty tips regarding anti aging skin care thanx.