Saturday, December 31, 2011

Should You Wash Pre-Washed Lettuce

A YouTube viewer recently wrote asking if she needs to wash the salad that she buys in a bag that has already been pre washed. The answer is positively yes! Although the salad has been pre washed, that does not mean it is free from contaminants that can make you very ill. You may remember about the spinach that was being washed in a ravine near a cow farm and the water to wash the spinach contained e. coli bacterium. Many people got very sick and even died. Rule of thumb is to always wash all produce before eating, including pre washed bagged lettuces. The best way to do this is to empty the contents in a very large bowl and fill it with cool water. Swish the lettuce around very well. Then remove the lettuce and place it in a colander, drain the water and repeat this process again. Finish it off with a cold water rinse of the letter while it is in your colander. Now you can prepare your salad and know it safe and clean.

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  1. I never bought bagged salad but you're right : all the vegetable and fruit must be washed in clear water. I add a spoon of vinegar in the water to kill eventual bugs or bacteria