Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is Baby Shampoo Good To Use on Adult Hair?

Hi Everyone, ever wonder whether it's ok for adults to use baby shampoo? Have you ever wondered whether you should use a sulfate-free shampoo and whether it may be better for your hair or scalp. Well, I just posted a helpful video to YouTube to help you understand what sodium lauryl sulfate is and why it's in so many shampoos and washes. I think you will find it very helpful, so please check it out. Here's the link: See you on YouTube, -Youtips4U

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tip for Itchy Eyes and Lids Caused by Makeup Residue

Next time you notice that your soap and water or your makeup remover didn't clean off your makeup entirely, here's a tip for you. Apply a small amount of baby shampoo to a cotton ball and cleanse your eyelids. Baby shampoo will not sting your eyes so you can lather up right in between lashes if you need to to remove makeup residue left behind from mascara, false eyelashes, eyeliners and eyeshadows. The residue and other allergic debris that can gather there can cause irritation, redness and itching. This is also great for people who have bacterial eye infections. When my children were small, I contracted conjunctivitis from them. I used baby shampoo to cleanse my lids each morning. Then splash with warm water until all soap is washed away. It is very important to remove your makeup each night before bed to prevent skin and eye irritation. So please do not go to bed until your skin in clean. This is also the best time to apply facial moisturizers. While we sleep our bodies do a lot of repairing including smoothing wrinkles and healing dry skin. So don't miss out on your nightly rejuvenation by blocking your pores with dirt, oil, and makeup. See you on YouTube, YouTips4U

Rude Behavior Exposed

Hi Everyone, I would like to share with you a list of inconsiderate behaviors that I have compiled over the past year. These rude behaviors were the most popular among my viewers and myself included. They have come to my attention from daily life as well as from my viewers who have written to me in frustration over rude behavior that they have had to repeatedly deal with. I thought we could all benefit from knowing what bothers people and try to be more sensitive to others around us. Feel free to share in the comments area, any inconsiderate behavior that you feel should be included on this list to help others realize what they should be sensitive or compassionate to. l. The most common complaint from everyone who wrote me was how annoying it is when people talk very loud or even yell into their cell phones in a public place. Many have sited this problem on trains, buses, department stores, fitness centers, even libraries. Use your lowest voice possible when in public around others. 2. Driving too slow in the left lane (high speed passing lane) on the highway and holding up traffic behind them. 3. Not keeping control of your pet. Either not keeping it on a leash in public, or allowing a dog to come too close to someone else, especially a child. 4. Cutting in any line; including cutting someone off who is waiting for a parking space. 5. Texting or answering cell phone when in a conversation with someone. 6. Driving too close to cyclers or walkers on the side of the road. This is very dangerous. Many drivers get annoyed when they have to slow down for someone walking or cycling. Remember, pedestrians have the right of way before cars, always! 7. Not stopping for someone in a crosswalk. 8. Letting children run wild or make excessive noise in any public place. 9. Not turning off your cell phone in a quiet place like a movie or play. 10. Not cleaning up after your pet's poop. 11, Talking while someone else is talking so that you are both talking at the same time and neither person hears what the other one is saying. 12. Staying on fitness equipment longer than the allotted 30 minutes during high use times. 13. Dropping weights on the floor in the weight room. (They should be placed down quietly.) 14. Failing to signal before making a turn. 15. Tailgating someone who is doing the speed limit. Most people simply ignore rude behavior, many times to avoid confrontation that could escalate into something serious or dangerous. This is good common sense. Your best bet is to stay pleasant if you need to make a point. For example, "excuse me, but I believe the line forms behind me." to someone trying to cut a line. Remember, don't take it personally, very often people who are rude to you are rude to most people they come in contact with, and the problem is with them, not you. Usually their feelings of annoyance stem from within themselves and toward themselves, and they are merely taking it out around them. So if someone is rude to you, take a deep breath, blow it out, then ask yourself if it is worth you getting angry over. The answer usually is "no". So laugh off their bad behavior and move on. I hope you enjoyed this list and that it helps enlighten you to how others feel about certain rude behavior. See you on YouTube, YouTips4U

Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Hi Everybody, Recently I uploaded a video on YouTube on how to have beautiful blue glitter nails How-to Beautiful Blue Glitter Nails Tutorial. Many of you have asked about how to best get glitter nail polish off because it can be difficult to do. Glitter nail polish does have significant lasting power as compared to regular non-glitter nail polishes which is great while you're wearing it, but when it's time to take it off, if can be more time consuming and difficult than we like.

One of the easiest ways to remove the stubborn glitter polish is to soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, apply it to your nail, and cover your finger with aluminum foil to hold the cotton ball to your fingernail. You can do all ten fingers at a time if you like. After about 2-4 minutes, pull off the foils along with the cotton ball as you squeeze it against your nail removing the glitter polish with it. Your nails should be quite clean. Any remaining glitter polish can be removed by wiping it with a fresh cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover or just gently scraping at it with your nail or a cuticle stick depending on how much you have left. You don't want to scrape at your nails too much as this can wear away nail enamel. I prefer non-acetone nail polish as it is less drying to my nails, but both acetone and non-acetone can be used.

So there you go! I know it's a bit more work to remove the glitter polish, but it's so pretty that I think it's worth the extra effort. Also, glitter polish does last longer on your nails than non-glitter polish.

See you on YouTube,

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sleeping at Your Parent's House with Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Hi YouTips4U: I love your blogspot and advice and I'm hoping you can help me with a new situation in my life. My daughter has been living with a boy at college. She is coming home for Columbus Day weekend and is bringing him along. I am not happy that they are living together. What should I do about the sleeping arrangements while they are in my home? I don't want to make them feel uncomfortable about coming home to visit me. What do you suggest?

YouTips4U Answer: You have every right to set the rules in your home and they should not feel slighted or uncomfortable about them. Before they come for a visit, speak with your daughter over the phone and let her know what the sleeping arrangements will be during their visit. Be sure you tell her your excited that she is coming for a visit and that you're looking forward to getting to know her boyfriend better. Tell her that she can stay in her old room and that her boyfriend can stay in the guest room. It really doesn't matter what their arrangement is together at school, when in your house, they live by your rules. It is important to do this before they arrive. It would be uncomfortable for all involved to discuss it when they walk in the door so don't put it off. Your daughter will respect your wishes and if she doesn't, hold your ground.

I hope the weekend will be a wonderful one. It's a first, and firsts are always hard, but by the time Thanksgiving roles around, you will have your routine set and won't have to worry about what to do and she will know what to expect and all can be happy and enjoy turkey dinner together :o)

Who Should Pay for the Date When a Woman Asks Out a Man?

Hi YouTips4u, I love your dating series on YouTube,and I need some advice. I really like a guy I just met. Instead of waiting for him to ask me out, is it o.k. if I ask him out, or is that being too pushy and I'll just turn him off? Do you think it's better if I just wait and hope he asks me. Also, who pays if I ask him out. Is it assumed that I should pay?

YouTips4U Answer: That is a terrific question! Research shows that most men still like to be the one to ask a woman out and most women prefer to be asked. However, it is not set in stone, so if you want to go out with him and you don't want to wait and hope he asks you, go ahead and ask him out. I don't think he will be offended, rather he will be flattered. Since you are the one inviting him out, tradition says you would be the one to pay. So be sure you pick a place or event that is within your budget to pay for two. If he insists on paying, don't argue, just accept graciously and thank him. He may be more comfortable paying even though you made the first move.

Good luck!

Party Conversation Tips

With the holidays fast approaching, many of you will be invited to parties and get togethers. If you are stressing because you are not the world's best conversationalist, don't worry, you're not alone. I have some tips for you to help overcome any new situation where you are meeting people for the first time and mingling.

To help ease your anxiety, remember, most conversation flubs are done by people who talk too much, not too little so always think before you speak, and remember to listen. When you begin a conversation with someone, put aside your thoughts about what to say next, and instead concentrate on what the other person is saying to you. The person you are speaking with will enjoy talking with you much more if you are actively listening, and the conversation will flow back and forth much more naturally because you will be able to branch out from what is being discussed. Be sure to make eye contact, nod occasionally and make small comments; it shows you are listening to what the other person is saying,

It's also helpful to have a good grasp of what's going on in the world currently. You don't have to be an expert on everything. Just know a few things about what's going on in the local paper or the national news. Watching TV news shows should provide you with enough info to make you pretty interesting to talk to. Have an idea of which sports teams are winning and which aren't, etc. You get the picture.

Things to stay away from: politics, sex, and religion. They can potentially start unpleasant conversation. Many people feel passionately about these subjects and are prepared to argue over them. You really don't want to listen to someone force their views and opinions upon you and you don't want to start any arguments.

Remember to practice talking with people whenever you can. Waiting on line in the store is a great place, so is at the post office or at the salon. Everyday life provides you many opportunities to get comfortable with small talk conversation. Take advantage of it.

Now get out there and have some fun!

See you on YouTube,

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Diet Tips to Help You Stay on Track

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don't skip it, or you may feel sluggish and end up eating more throughout the day. Begin your day with a nutritious breakfast. I love to have cooked oatmeal with fruit and nuts or cold whole grain, high fiber cereal with fresh fruit and nuts. The high fiber content will help you feel full for a long time. Mix in a little peanut butter for extra longevity if your having a late lunch.

Stay hydrated throughout the day with water, not sugary drinks! Many times you think you are hungry when in fact you are thirsty, so always reach for water first. Staying hydrated keeps you energized, and keeps your hair and skin looking radiant.

Lastly, it's important to stay active, so celebrate the end of summer by getting outside as much as you can. Go for a run, walk, or hike, cycle a new neighborhood, whatever you like! Just get moving!!

See you on YouTube,
- YouTips4U

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to Remove False Eyelashes

By popular request, I recently posted a tutorial video on YouTube where I show you how you can achieve the makeup look that I have been wearing on YouTube in recent months (The Makeup Look I Wear On YouTube Tutorial). I'm so glad you all liked it so much! In that video I show you how to wear false eyelashes and in this post I want to share with you how best to remove them.

To remove your false eyelashes without risk to pulling out lashes or tugging on your eyelids as you would with repeated use, simply soak a cotton ball will OIL-FREE MAKEUP REMOVER. The one I've been using for years is by Maybelline. Hold the soaked cotton ball to your eyelids for a few seconds. This will soften the glue and your false eyelashes will simply slide off.

The next thing you should do is peel off any remaining glue from your false eyelashes and place them back into the package you bought them in until you're ready to wear them again. The glue peels off the lashes pretty easily as it's rubbery so no great effort is needed.

If you use mascara on your false eyelashes and I don't because I think they are dark and lush enough, but if you do, and you would like to clean off the mascara before you put them away, simply soak another cotton ball with OIL-FREE MAKEUP REMOVER and press it gently onto the lashes. You'll want to place your lashes onto a paper towel for this process because the mascara will become diluted and wash off onto whatever surface you're working on. After you soak them with the cotton ball for a few moments, gently wipe the lashes from base to tip to wipe off the mascara. You can also use a Q-tip and remember to do this gently because you don't want to damage your false eyelashes. You may want to soak another cotton ball and wipe again until they wipe clean and all mascara residue is removed. Once they are clean you can soak your last cotton ball with plain water and gently wipe the makeup remover off. Then let them air dry. Once dry, place them back into the tray they came in and they are ready for your next wear.

To remove any excess glue from your eyelids, simply place a few drops of baby oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or oil-based makeup remover onto a Q-tip and swab the glue. The oil will loosen the glue and it will come right off. I find that my OIL-FREE MAKEUP REMOVER does a good job getting the glue off as well if you would rather not use oil.


One last point, don't worry if you have peeled off your false eyelashes because you didn't know about the soaking method. The glue dries rubbery and flexible and is not hard so and I find that it peels off pretty easily without pulling or tugging. A tip to remember is to always apply your lashes to the edge of your eyelid right at your lashline and not on your lashes, that way you won't pull at your natural lashes when you remove the false ones.

Enjoy wearing false eyelashes, they are so much fun and very glamorous!

See you on YouTube,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tips for Growing a Beard

If you think you would like to grow a beard, here are a few tips to keep in mind to best enhance your look:

The longer your face is, the shorter the beard should be at your chin because you don't want to elongate your face further. Strive for a balanced look to enhance your looks. Also, if you have a double chin, you can help to hide it by growing your beard right at the jaw line. This also helps to define and angle a round face.

You will also want to shampoo your beard each time you shower. Follow up with a tiny bit of moisturizing conditioner and rinse clean. The conditioner helps to avoid dry skin which can overstimulate your oil glands and lead to breakouts. It will also help your beard to feel softer.

A few tips on sideburns: Again, for sideburns you should refer back to your face shape for guidance on how long you want to keep them. If your face is round, you'll want to maintain sideburns at mid-ear or shorter, this will help to elongate your face. If you have an oblong or rectangular face then keep them a little longer; mid-ear to earlobe length. Don't let them grow too wide; narrow is better, so don't let them get any wider than about an inch or so.

Ladies, please share this with your man!

See you on YouTube,

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hair Conditioner Product Review/Recommendation

Hi Everybody, please check out my hair conditioner product review video on YouTube. I think you will love this conditioner, and the good news is, it is so inexpensive. This conditioner will leave your hair soft, smooth and moisturized and help prevent damage and breakage. Here's the link: Hair Conditioner Product Review/Recommendation

See you on YouTube!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Should I Dye My Eyebrows to Match My Hair Color

Hi YouTips4U: I just had my hair lifted to bleach blond and I love it! My natural color is dark brown. My question to you is, should I also lighten my eyebrows to bleach blond to match?

YouTips4U Answer: I'm so glad you wrote, many people wonder the same thing. My recommendation is that you do not match your eyebrows to your hair color. Eyebrows should be a little darker than your head hair color and by no means should they be bleach blond. If you are dying your hair one to two shades lighter, no need to even touch your eyebrows, because your current natural color will probably be fine. But if you are making a big change from your natural color, for example, if your natural color was very dark hair and your eyebrows are very dark, then you can soften your eyebrows by tinting them with home hair color a lighter shade of brown for blonder hair shades. If you are dying your hair red, or a golden shade would be good for your eyebrows. You only need to leave the color on your eyebrows for about five minutes; much shorter than you would leave it on your head if you were coloring your hair. You can also ask your colorist to tint your eyebrows when you get your color done. Usually they will do this for free.

Thanks for writing and I'll see you on YouTube,

Protect Your Sensitive Scalp From Hair Dye

Many people experience an irritated, red, and itchy scalp from the chemicals in hair dye. You can help protect against this by not getting color if you have any scratches or abrasions on your scalp. If you do, just wait until they heal. There's an old trade secret that can protect your scalp from getting irritated from the chemicals in hair dye. Take two packets of Sweet 'N Low sugar substitute and combine with 1 ounce of skim milk. Add this mixture to your hair color formula before applying it to your scalp. This will prevent any redness or irritation associated with chemical hair dye. Salons do this so be sure to ask if your colorist does and you can also do this yourself with your at-home color as well. Adding this mixture to your hair color will help neutralize the harmful effects of preservatives and chemicals present in the hair color.

How Hot Should I Use My Flat Iron/Hair Straightener

Hi Everybody, I have some advice for those of you who use a flat iron to straighten your hair. I get so many letters from viewers who have damaged their hair with a flat iron that I want to share some suggestions on how you can prevent this. Many people think that when selecting the temperature setting, the hotter the better when straightening their hair. This is not so. You really want to use the lowest heat setting you can to accomplish your style. You may need to trial and error this to see what heat setting works for you. For those of you who have kinky hair or coarse thick hair, you may benefit from a bit higher heat setting, but please avoid the top settings. If your flat iron has a temperature gauge, keep it around 250 degrees F to 300 degrees F. Remember not to leave it on your hair but to quickly run it through your hair. Each time you clamp your hair with a flat iron you are removing moisture from the hair shaft. Do as little of your hair as possible to achieve the look you want. Many times this means only doing the hair that frames your face or the outermost layer on top. Remember to use a conditioner after you shampoo and to use a heat protectant before you flat iron. You want to preserve the health of your hair because once it's damaged, it can take a long time to grow it out.

See you on YouTube,


Hi YouTips4U, I have a skin tag on my eyelid and one under my armpit. What can I do to get rid of it? I'm always afraid I am going to cut off the one under my armpit when I shave. Thanks!

YouTips4U Answer: Skin tags are usually small, benign skin growths that can appear on your eyelids, under your arms, and on your neck to name a few common places. Many times hormonal changes can spur growth of them including things like pregnancy and weight gain. You really can't prevent them, but they can be easily removed by your dermatologist. Usually your dermatologist will remove them by cutting them off with a quick snip of very sharp little scissors. Please don't attempt to do this yourself as your dermatologist has special sterile tools for this and can stop the bleeding immediately. I had a tiny one on my eyelid removed years ago after my daughter was born and it doesn't hurt at all and heals very quickly, so if you find that you have one that has grown and you do not like the looks of it or it bothers you, definitely see your dermatologist who will remove it for you.

See you on YouTube,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Do It

If you haven't started getting into shape for summer, it's definitely not too late. Start tomorrow! "Just Do It" as Nike says because that's how you start. You just make the decision to do it. Start being more active and eating lighter. So tomorrow, plan on spending 30 minutes doing cardio. You choose what you want to do and when: walking, jogging, cycling, whatever it is, but do something to be more active. Also, for one of your meals; either lunch or dinner, have a salad with some type of protein, either chicken, fish, eggs, or beans. You can have a pretty good size salad, but only one piece of protein (i.e. a chicken cutlet, 2 eggs, one cup of beans, etc.) You get the picture. Now, be careful how much salad dressing you use. I recommend a tablespoon. If you are using oil and vinegar, then one tablespoon of each (you can add more vinegar if you like). If you choose a low fat dressing, you can have more than one tablespoon. Remember, do not saturate your salad with dressing or it will be as unhealthy as any other high fat meal. A little trick I do is to dress my salad about 15 minutes before I eat it because it gives the lettuce a chance to marinade and absorb the dressing. You will find that you use less that way. I always have my dressing on the side and then with my fork I place small amounts on my salad while I eat. I use much less dressing that way as opposed to tossing it with dressing. This is especially useful when you eat out at a restaurant when you don't know the caloric count of the dressing. So, tomorrow, don't forget! You begin anew! It's a lifestyle change. Please see my food bear video on YouTube for tips on how to portion control and eat from the various food groups to have a balanced diet. I hope you'll stop back tomorrow night and let me know how you did! You can share your positive feedback to help motivate others.

Enjoy your new active lifestyle,

Sunday, January 15, 2012


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