Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Do It

If you haven't started getting into shape for summer, it's definitely not too late. Start tomorrow! "Just Do It" as Nike says because that's how you start. You just make the decision to do it. Start being more active and eating lighter. So tomorrow, plan on spending 30 minutes doing cardio. You choose what you want to do and when: walking, jogging, cycling, whatever it is, but do something to be more active. Also, for one of your meals; either lunch or dinner, have a salad with some type of protein, either chicken, fish, eggs, or beans. You can have a pretty good size salad, but only one piece of protein (i.e. a chicken cutlet, 2 eggs, one cup of beans, etc.) You get the picture. Now, be careful how much salad dressing you use. I recommend a tablespoon. If you are using oil and vinegar, then one tablespoon of each (you can add more vinegar if you like). If you choose a low fat dressing, you can have more than one tablespoon. Remember, do not saturate your salad with dressing or it will be as unhealthy as any other high fat meal. A little trick I do is to dress my salad about 15 minutes before I eat it because it gives the lettuce a chance to marinade and absorb the dressing. You will find that you use less that way. I always have my dressing on the side and then with my fork I place small amounts on my salad while I eat. I use much less dressing that way as opposed to tossing it with dressing. This is especially useful when you eat out at a restaurant when you don't know the caloric count of the dressing. So, tomorrow, don't forget! You begin anew! It's a lifestyle change. Please see my food bear video on YouTube for tips on how to portion control and eat from the various food groups to have a balanced diet. I hope you'll stop back tomorrow night and let me know how you did! You can share your positive feedback to help motivate others.

Enjoy your new active lifestyle,

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