Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Hi Everybody, Recently I uploaded a video on YouTube on how to have beautiful blue glitter nails How-to Beautiful Blue Glitter Nails Tutorial. Many of you have asked about how to best get glitter nail polish off because it can be difficult to do. Glitter nail polish does have significant lasting power as compared to regular non-glitter nail polishes which is great while you're wearing it, but when it's time to take it off, if can be more time consuming and difficult than we like.

One of the easiest ways to remove the stubborn glitter polish is to soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, apply it to your nail, and cover your finger with aluminum foil to hold the cotton ball to your fingernail. You can do all ten fingers at a time if you like. After about 2-4 minutes, pull off the foils along with the cotton ball as you squeeze it against your nail removing the glitter polish with it. Your nails should be quite clean. Any remaining glitter polish can be removed by wiping it with a fresh cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover or just gently scraping at it with your nail or a cuticle stick depending on how much you have left. You don't want to scrape at your nails too much as this can wear away nail enamel. I prefer non-acetone nail polish as it is less drying to my nails, but both acetone and non-acetone can be used.

So there you go! I know it's a bit more work to remove the glitter polish, but it's so pretty that I think it's worth the extra effort. Also, glitter polish does last longer on your nails than non-glitter polish.

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