Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mushrooms to Boost Immunity

Cold and Flu season is in full swing. We must keep our bodies functioning optimally during this time in order to thwart those nasty bugs. One of the best natural immune boosters we have available to us in plenty are mushrooms! Mushrooms are a Superfood. Scientists are continually researching mushrooms and finding new ways that mushrooms help the human body fight diseases such as cancer. Research has shown that mushrooms have been shown to attack killer cells that often is the start of cancer and tumors. Rich in antioxidants and fiber, mushrooms are also a natural source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is more difficult for our bodies to get enough of during the cold winter months when we get less sunshine. Mushrooms attain the superfood title because of their significant vitamin and mineral content and should be a regular part of a healthy immune boosting diet. A little personal insight: As many of you know, I am very attune to my body. Whenever I get sick, I have found that I crave mushrooms! Specifically I want them in soup. I will always make a chicken soup, to which I add the traditional vegetables like celery, carrots, onions, plenty of garlic, kale, and of course, lots of fresh mushrooms. The best immune boosters are shiitake and maitake mushrooms, but the regular baby bellas and white muschrooms are great too. Just throw them in at the end because they cook immediately. Please remember to pick up some mushrooms the next time you go grocery shopping and add them to your favorite dishes: -salads -soups -pasta sauces -chicken dishes -steaks You name it, mushrooms can be added! --Abondanza

How to Stop Wine from Staining your Teeth

We all enjoy a glass of red wine before or during dinner, but oh the stains to our teeth! Here's a little tip to keep your pearly whites white so that you can smile with confidence on your next hot date. Have some cheese with your wine. Having cheese with wine changes the pH of your mouth, reducing acidity and making it hard for stains to stick to your teeth. See, the French have the right idea! Wine and cheese please :) Want even more whitening, have some celery after your drink. Celery cleans your teeth naturally by scrubbing away the stains like a toothbrush. -Bon App├ętit

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Kale is a dark green leafy vegetable and is a member of the cabbage family of vegetables. It's a high fiber, low calorie, fat-free vegetable. If you haven't tried it yet, I hope you will. I just uploaded a video to YouTube that will tell you all about it's important benefits to your body and I show you step by step how I prepare it. It's so versatile, you can eat it with almost any meal you are having. It's a great cancer fighter, rich in flavenoids, carotenoids, and many important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins C, E, K, B, Iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and lutein. So please check out my YouTube video to learn more about Kale and I hope you will add it to your diet. Here's the link to my video: How to Make Kale - Lose Weight with this High Fiber Nutritious Food See you on YouTube, -YouTips4U