Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hi YouTips4U, 

I have an embarrassing question but I watch you all the time and know I can ask because you are kind and compassionate and knowledgeable.

I have been watching your Motivation Monday videos regularly and they are helping so much with my diet. I started an exercise and healthy eating plan of more fruits and vegetables this Spring. I'm doing really well and have lost weight. The problem I'm having is gas and bloating.  I never had this before and I'm wondering if you think it's due to my healthy diet and what can I do about it.


YouTips4U Answer:  

Hi, I'm so glad you wrote. Your gas and bloating can definitely be due your diet. Very often eating fibrous foods can result in gassiness as it is digested.  A little gas is normal, but if it's very excessive, you may want to consider adding more healthy bacteria to your diet in the form of yogurt and kefir.  These foods have active cultures and can help break down bacteria in the colon.  Eating bitter foods along with your meals can help as well. Things like chard and kale can stimulate the production of enzymes that help your body digest more efficiently.  Pineapple and papaya are also excellent enzyme-rich food to have with your meals and help aid digestion.

If you are bothered by cramping and bloating, try having some herbal tea to sooth it.  Herbs such as fennel, anise, ginger and peppermint can be very soothing and help stop the cramping. My personal favorite is fennel tea.

The good news is your body will adjust to your new healthy fiber-filled diet and eventually gasiness may dissipate so give it time. It's worth the adjustment!

See you on YouTube,
- YouTips4U

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