Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best Way to Clean Cuts and Scrapes

Water is the most important tool for cleaning out debris and bacteria that could cause infection in a wound.  In most cases of minor cuts and scrapes, using mild soap with water to gently clean your cut is sufficient.  Be careful with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol because they can be damaging to the surrounding healthy tissue needed for the healing process.  It can be helpful to apply a dab of antibiotic ointment to help fight bacteria and it also helps keep the bandage from sticking to the cut as it heals. Always be careful not to rip of the bandage because you don't want to remove the newly formed healing scab.  Peel slowly or soak it until it comes loose.   If, during the healing process, you experience any warmth, redness, pain, or pus, around the cut or scrape, or you develop a fever, you should see your doctor as you could have a possible infection.


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  1. Use a clean q-tip to apply your antibiotic ointment to small wounds. For larger wounds, apply the ointment to the bandage.

    I like to use Dawn on the skin where the bandage needs to stick so it will adhere better.