Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sitting Can Be Bad For Your Health - Let's Talk Solutions

I recently did a video on YouTube on how Sitting Too Much Can Be Bad For Your Health and received so many messages from viewers who have had issues due to extended periods of sitting. I'm so glad you all found my video helpful, informative and inspirational.  Sitting is now considered to be "the new smoking".  It the latest health problem facing this country.  Researchers have linked sedentary behavior to increases in the risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, certain cancers, muscle degeneration and more.  This problem has given rise to the popularity of Fit Bit Wrist Bands and other devices to help people get more focused on movement and exercise.

People love wearing them because they can track their movement all day as well as their heart rate. It allows you to see just how active you are and can inspire you to attain more activity by setting workout goals and tracking progress if you find you are seriously lacking in movement. It even tracks your sleep to help you know whether you are getting sound restful uninterrupted sleep.  Attention to workplace fitness really ramped up in the last few years after the Mayo Clinic published a study on the detrimental effects of sitting for long periods of time. Many companies are now recognizing this and want to encourage more movement in the workplace.  CEO's want to bring health-care costs down and employee output up so many of them are taking steps toward a more active work environment. They are providing their employees with Fit Bits and even awarding prizes for activity goals attained. They are also outfitting the workspace with Sit Stand Desks. These adjustable standing desks offer workers the latest solution to sitting all day in one position.

They are adjustable desks that allow a person to stand and raise their desk up so they can work in a standing position. This can be very effective therapy for someone with a bad back and it helps circulate your blood. They even make portable ones for people who already have their desks and want to add this feature or to have at home.

I think we will see many other products coming out over the coming years to help us remedy a sedentary lifestyle. A lifestyle which, by the latest metrics, is getting worse. Helped of course by the digital age because everything is literally at our fingertips! No reason to get up and walk down the hall to speak to a coworker when you can just ping them on IM.   I personally sit on a body ball while working at my desk. It really helps my posture and activates my core muscles. They come in three different sizes, so if you buy one, be sure you purchase the correct size for your height.  I purchased the 65cm and I'm 5'4" tall. They are also wonderful for performing many exercises. I will have videos upcoming to demonstrate!

They also make ball chairs so you can easily roll around, support your back and work your core while sitting.

And if you want to get moving under your adjustable desk while sitting on your ball chair, then you might be interested in a desk cycle! You can burn calories, improve your health and your mood while your typing at your desk. You're literally cycling under your desk while working! Ingenious!

So as you can see, the problem facing our population of sitting too much is spurring a whirlwind of helpful products coming to the market to help people be more active throughout the day.  A great trend and helpful for any individual no matter what age! Obesity is a very big problem among all age groups which is only furthered by sedentary behavior. So if you need a push to get moving more, there are plenty of things out there for you to do it.  See you on YouTube!


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