Sunday, November 29, 2009

Should You Rotate Shampoos?

Many people write me and ask whether there is any benefit to using more than one shampoo, or whether this is just a ploy for companies to sell more product. The truth is it is beneficial to rotate shampoos periodically. Believe it or not hair does get used to the same chemical composition and does not respond as well as time goes on to the same shampoo. It is best to periodically switch to a different shampoo, whether you rotate once per week or two, or every other shampooing, your hair can benefit. This is especially true for people who have color-treated or permed hair and use products made for those hair types. Very often these products have a lot of moisturizers and can ultimately cause a residue build up. I always recommend using a rinse, like Apple Cider Vinegar, to remove the build up every few weeks, or whenever you feel you need it. You can also use clarifying shampoos that contain Apple Cider Vinegar to remove product and oil build up. If you do choose one of these shampoos, be careful not to overuse them as they can be drying to your hair. They are really only meant for occasional use.

I recently tried a wonderful shampoo, as I do practice rotation of my shampoo products. The name of the Shampoo is Nature's Gate Chamomile Replenishing Shampoo. It's great for highlighted hair (chamomile naturally enhances blond highlights) and contains many natural herbs and botanicals. What I found wonderful about this shampoo is that my hair stayed clean for a very long time as it gently removed all my product buildup and left it incredibly shiny, but not dried out. As you know, when you have long hair like I do, you have to be very careful not dry it out or you will cause breakage.

I am sure you are wondering about whether you should alternate conditioners as well. The answer is no, but it's fine to if you want to. If you have a conditioner that you like that both detangles your hair and conditions it well, then stick with it. Remember to pay attention to you hair type. If you have fine limp hair, be careful not to weigh it down with heavy conditioners and only apply conditioner on the hair away from the scalp and scalp hair or you will cause you hair to lie flat and heavy. I will have more on this and other great hair videos upcoming on YouTube if you are interested in learning more about hair. Please go to my channel and subscribe by clicking the yellow subscribe button at the top of the page. It's free - and whenever I upload a new video, you will get a little notice from YouTube alerting you so that you can watch it. Here is the link: White you're there peruse my videos as I have many informative and helpful videos, including many hair care videos. I think you will really find my videos helpful.

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  1. Shampoo contains surfactants and they build up on the hair, so its really important to regularly switch shampoos and conditioners to help break down the surfactants. However if the surfactants are very similar in the product you switch from to the product you switch to then the build up will continue to happen. You need to make sure the surfactants are very different in both products you are switching.