Saturday, January 29, 2011

Help for Clearing Your Skin of Pimples

Hi YouTips4U, I hope you can help me. I wash my face three times a day and I have used so many different cleansers, but my face still breaks out with pimples. What should I do different?

YouTips4U: Using many different cleansers on your face just may be the cause of your problem. When you stop one cleanser and start another, very often you are swinging your skin between getting better and getting worse. You are never really giving your skin condition a chance to clear. In this case consistency would benefit you. I recommend that you stick to the same routine for about 2 months to give your face a chance to replace all the old infected skin cells with new ones. Wash your face twice a day with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, then spot apply a benzoyl peroxide pimple treatment product to your pimples. The salicylic acid will help to unclog your pores and the acne treatment will help to kill bacteria and heal the pimples. If you have sensitive skin which is prone to dryness and redness, instead of using a cleanser with salicylic acid, I recommend you use a mild cleanser such as Purpose Soap-Free Face Wash, but do still spot treat your pimples. Also, you do want to pay attention to your diet. Foods high in fat, refined sugar and refined carbohydrates can contribute to breakouts, so keep your diet low fat and your carbs complex (whole grain). Exercise is another great skin healer. Exercise brings blood to your face and improves circulation and healing. Exercise will definitely help clear up your skin.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Prevent a Cut, Wound, Pimple, or Acne from Scarring

The best way to promote healing of a cut or wound and to prevent it from leaving a scar is to keep it covered with a band-aid. Place a bit of anti-biotic ointment on the cut or wound to help keep it moist and keep it covered with a bandage, gauze, or a band-aid. It used to be thought that a cut needs to breath to heal and therefore you should uncover it and keep it open once a scab is formed. This is no longer thought to be true. The skin actually heals better and faster when covered and keeping your wound covered also helps prevent bacteria from getting in and causing an infection. Think about how many times you've knocked a scab off that was healing nicely. This can cause even deeper scarring where you would only have had a minor mark; so be sure to keep it covered until the scab comes off if it's on a part of your body that you want to minimize scarring.

This is also a wonderful way to heal acne on your face if it was perhaps picked too much and now you have a bleeding spot on your face. I know you did it accidentally and didn't mean for that to happen. The same treatment I described above of covering with a bandaid and keeping moist will help heal your pimple quickly while minimizing any scarring. I understand that you may not want to walk around all day with a band-aid on your face, but overnight while you sleep is a fine time to use this method to help it heal. It will look so much better the next morning. Remember, it's best not to squeeze your pimples!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shaving for the First Time Tips

Hello. can u please answer these questions!!!! (: I have never shaved before.

- if you buy a razor with the built in shave gels and it tells u not to use shaving cream/gel. is it better to use it for your underarms anyways?

- is it better to use shaving gel or cream for a normal razor, for your underarms?

- how long is the hair suppose to grow before you shave it?

- when it grows back... will it grow back really hard and prickly or like your hair on your head?

- can you recommend a good razor for me.


YouTips4U: Hi, I'll answer your questions one at a time:

1) I have never used these new razors that contain gel cartridges, but you are supposed to have the gel right in them so no need to use additional cream/gel. If you try it and you don't find it to be enough lubrication, switch to using a separate razor and gel. It'll be cheaper for you too in the long run because you can get a lot more shaves out of a can of gel that the two cartridges that come with the razor.

2) Using either a cream or gel is fine, so it depends on what you like. I really like the gels and they come in so many great scents!

3) How long you wait between shaves is up to you; there's really no rule and everyone's hair grows at a different pace. If it's winter and no one sees your underarms much, you may want to do it once a week. Also if you have very light hair, it is harder to see it so you can get away with it longer. Many girls write to me asking about the dark shadow that they get right away after shaving and how they can minimize it. For them, I recommend shaving each night to keep the hair as short as possible; this will help keep that shadow (which are just the tiny hairs growing in the follicle) less noticeable. Everyone has that, but it is much more noticeable with dark-haired women. Also, if you have a problem with underarm odor, keeping your underarms hairless will help reduce bacteria growth and keep you smelling fresher.

4) When your hair grows back it's the same as before you started shaving. You may think it is thicker or darker, but it really isn't, it's just that shaving cuts the hair at a straight angle to the skin which makes the hair appear courser as it comes in making it look more prickly rather than thinner and more angular at the tip.

5) Any razor you choose is fine except the most inexpensive kind with one blade and no lubricant strip. As long as you choose a razor with two blades and a lubricant strip, you'll be fine. I like Gillette Plus because the head pivots which helps it move to the contours of your skin; especially important when shaving your legs and knee area. Also, it has two blades which gives you a closer shave, but not three which can be too much for your skin and cause nicks and ingrown hairs because they tend to shave too close. They also have a lubricated strip to help the razor glide better on your skin which is helpful even if you use shaving gel. Also, they are not really expensive and you can buy a bag of 10 for about $7.00 in any drugstore ensuring you always have a clean new razor available. I hope that helps. Please refer to my video on YouTube on how to shave your underarms to avoid rashes and bumps. I have a special gentle technique that I think you will find most helpful. Here's the link: How to Shave Your Underarms to Prevent Skin Rashes & Razor Bumps/Burn in Armpits


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your New Years Resolution Pep Talk!

Hi Everyone, right about now many people have already discarded their new year's resolutions and broken the promises they have made to themselves whether they be losing weight through dieting and exercise, quitting a bad habit, relaxing more, etc. Oftentimes, this occurs because of one slip-up. You promised yourself you would stick to it and you tripped up and gave up. Well, I'm writing to you now to tell you to get right back on track. It's a long year and you have plenty of time for stops and starts. No one climbs to the top of a mountain without a few missteps and rest spots. You just hit a small bump in the road, so forgive yourself and move forward. Whatever it is, start again. Just dust yourself off and start over. No child would have learned to walk if at first try they plopped down and just remained there and gave up. Baby steps are sometimes necessary to get to your goal. In my prior New Year's blog entry, I suggested writing down in a special journal one thing you did during the day toward your goal that will get you one step closer to achieving it. This is a wonderful exercise and will help to keep you motivated. I will help you as well by reminding you now and then to stay on track and not to give up if you hit a bump in the road. Many of you have written to me that your goal is to stop smoking or drinking or overeating. I applaud you on this decision. It's not easy and takes great willpower, but I assure you it can be done! You may need to seek help during your journey if you need some assistance and that's o.k. Don't be afraid to ask for help from those you love. Be kind to yourself, but also firm. Now may be the time to take up a new hobby to divert your attention away from constantly focusing on what you are trying to give up. I have a wonderful video on YouTube about Binge Eating. Please check it out and be sure to watch both parts. Many of the skills and remedies for trying to overcome binge eating can be used in many other aspects of life. Here is the link for you: Tips to Help with Binge Eating

So, remember, stay focused on your long-term desire and don't compromise it for your short-term want. The happiness and sense of accomplishment you will feel when you reach your goal is so much better than any short-term satisfaction you could feel by giving into your immediate want.

Best wishes. I'll see you on YouTube,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I want to Weight Train to Tone and Strengthen, but not add Bulk

Hi, I really like your videos on YouTube. They help alot!
I'm a long distance runner. I've just recently started weight training. I get different answers from everybody but my question for you is: how can I avoid bulking up? I'm confused about what amount of weight I should lift. Should I avoid heavy squats and lunges? I just want tone and definition.

YouTips4U Answer: long distance runners often don't spend needed time doing resistance training to maintain upper body strength so it's really good that you are considering adding it to your life because it is important for your muscles. Don't worry about bulking up. As a woman that is really hard achieve unless you gain a lot of weight on top of your muscles. That will usually give the appearance of bulk. You being a long distance runner burns a lot of excess calories and keeps your metabolism revved and therefore your less likely to store fat; very hard to bulk up, but you do need the strength training and its very good for your body. Keep the repetitions between 12-15 and do 2-3 sets of each weight exercise. That will tone and strengthen your muscles and not add bulk. Don't lift excessively heavy weight, but just enough to feel muscle fatigue as you approach your last 2-3 reps. Also, I really don't recommend using heavy weights with squats and lunges. Both squats and lunges are very good for toning, but you don't want to use heavy weights as you can damage your knees that way. Adding some weight for resistance is fine with lunges. With squats it can be tricky and should only be done with light weight and only if you have no history of back problems as this tends to place excess strain on the spine.