Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Prevent a Cut, Wound, Pimple, or Acne from Scarring

The best way to promote healing of a cut or wound and to prevent it from leaving a scar is to keep it covered with a band-aid. Place a bit of anti-biotic ointment on the cut or wound to help keep it moist and keep it covered with a bandage, gauze, or a band-aid. It used to be thought that a cut needs to breath to heal and therefore you should uncover it and keep it open once a scab is formed. This is no longer thought to be true. The skin actually heals better and faster when covered and keeping your wound covered also helps prevent bacteria from getting in and causing an infection. Think about how many times you've knocked a scab off that was healing nicely. This can cause even deeper scarring where you would only have had a minor mark; so be sure to keep it covered until the scab comes off if it's on a part of your body that you want to minimize scarring.

This is also a wonderful way to heal acne on your face if it was perhaps picked too much and now you have a bleeding spot on your face. I know you did it accidentally and didn't mean for that to happen. The same treatment I described above of covering with a bandaid and keeping moist will help heal your pimple quickly while minimizing any scarring. I understand that you may not want to walk around all day with a band-aid on your face, but overnight while you sleep is a fine time to use this method to help it heal. It will look so much better the next morning. Remember, it's best not to squeeze your pimples!

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  1. Hi, I wish I had done this. Because I had a cut a couple of months ago on my hand. I did not use band aid and then it never healed but some ugly skin grew...long story short I went to the GP today, it's a "foreign body cyst" now. So, something got in and skin grew around it. I am getting it cut out on Wednesday. Unfortunately this will leave a scar - and it's my left hand and I have just gotten engaged. I am so upset about my ugly hand, especially now that everyone's look at it because of the ring! Use band aid for all your wounds!!!!

    Do you have any ideas for me how I can keep the scar to a minimum? I was told it will need three stitches and they have to stay for about 2 weeks. What can I put on it during or after the thread was taken out to minimise the scar?

  2. Hi, have you spoken to the doctor about having a plastic surgeon do the stitching. It can really make a difference in the healing. They have such an artful way of stitching that the scar will be barely visible in many instances. My son had a rather large cut on his face and I asked for a plastic surgeon. You cannot even see he ever got hurt. The important thing is that you keep it out of the sun for 6 months to a year after the stitches are removed. I'm sure the doctor will probably tell you this, but keeping the scar out of the sun will allow it to heal without a mark. That means keeping it covered with a band-aid or lots of sun screen. You will also want to massage the scar with Mederma when the stitches come out to keep the scar tissue from forming. Mederma will help the wound heal with minimal scarring. Congratulations on your recent engagement and good luck with the surgery on Wednesday. Best wishes :o)

  3. hello! i hope you can answer this.
    i have a problem. i have really pale and clean (acne free) skin but from time to time i do get a pimple. about a month ago i had no choice but to pop it. now i have two dark spots on my skin. is there any way i could treat these or are these permanent? i wash with a gentle cleanser, use moisturizer daily and stay out of the sun. is there anything i could do?
    best wishes!

  4. ... oh i forgot. i read that some salons have some sort of bleaching techniques. should i consider that as an option?
    thanks again!

  5. Hi, be patient because your dark spot will fade with time. In the mean time you are doing a great job of taking care of your skin. The sunscreen is very important to a healing scar so do keep it covered with sunscreen. I would not try to bleach it because it's really not necessary and could impair the healing process.

  6. Thanks for the tip on acne. Whenever my pimples dry up, they turn into dark spots even though I don't pop 'em. And it takes a long time for the mark to fade out. I hope you can give some advice regarding this. Thanks!

    Lauri Hersh

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