Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shaving for the First Time Tips

Hello. can u please answer these questions!!!! (: I have never shaved before.

- if you buy a razor with the built in shave gels and it tells u not to use shaving cream/gel. is it better to use it for your underarms anyways?

- is it better to use shaving gel or cream for a normal razor, for your underarms?

- how long is the hair suppose to grow before you shave it?

- when it grows back... will it grow back really hard and prickly or like your hair on your head?

- can you recommend a good razor for me.


YouTips4U: Hi, I'll answer your questions one at a time:

1) I have never used these new razors that contain gel cartridges, but you are supposed to have the gel right in them so no need to use additional cream/gel. If you try it and you don't find it to be enough lubrication, switch to using a separate razor and gel. It'll be cheaper for you too in the long run because you can get a lot more shaves out of a can of gel that the two cartridges that come with the razor.

2) Using either a cream or gel is fine, so it depends on what you like. I really like the gels and they come in so many great scents!

3) How long you wait between shaves is up to you; there's really no rule and everyone's hair grows at a different pace. If it's winter and no one sees your underarms much, you may want to do it once a week. Also if you have very light hair, it is harder to see it so you can get away with it longer. Many girls write to me asking about the dark shadow that they get right away after shaving and how they can minimize it. For them, I recommend shaving each night to keep the hair as short as possible; this will help keep that shadow (which are just the tiny hairs growing in the follicle) less noticeable. Everyone has that, but it is much more noticeable with dark-haired women. Also, if you have a problem with underarm odor, keeping your underarms hairless will help reduce bacteria growth and keep you smelling fresher.

4) When your hair grows back it's the same as before you started shaving. You may think it is thicker or darker, but it really isn't, it's just that shaving cuts the hair at a straight angle to the skin which makes the hair appear courser as it comes in making it look more prickly rather than thinner and more angular at the tip.

5) Any razor you choose is fine except the most inexpensive kind with one blade and no lubricant strip. As long as you choose a razor with two blades and a lubricant strip, you'll be fine. I like Gillette Plus because the head pivots which helps it move to the contours of your skin; especially important when shaving your legs and knee area. Also, it has two blades which gives you a closer shave, but not three which can be too much for your skin and cause nicks and ingrown hairs because they tend to shave too close. They also have a lubricated strip to help the razor glide better on your skin which is helpful even if you use shaving gel. Also, they are not really expensive and you can buy a bag of 10 for about $7.00 in any drugstore ensuring you always have a clean new razor available. I hope that helps. Please refer to my video on YouTube on how to shave your underarms to avoid rashes and bumps. I have a special gentle technique that I think you will find most helpful. Here's the link: How to Shave Your Underarms to Prevent Skin Rashes & Razor Bumps/Burn in Armpits


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