Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Solutions for Your Problem Area - Flabby Upper Arms

Spring and summer are upon us and that means we show more skin. Unfortunately, if you have excess fat and lack of muscle tone in your upper arms, they can be flabby and jiggly and you may want to try to minimize that as best you can while you work on toning them up with resistance training. Please see my video on weight lifting to tone your arms at home. Here is the link to my YouTube video: Weight Lifting/Training Exercises to Tone Arms, Workout Biceps, Triceps, Chest & Shoulder Muscles

Please also see my video on push ups. These are wonderful for your whole upper body and should be done regularly. Here is the YouTube link to that video: Top-Rated Upper Body Exercise, PUSH UPS, Workout & Build Chest, Arms, Abs, Core Muscles with PUSHUPS

In the mean time how do we dress to hide those flabby upper arms. I have a few do's and don'ts.

1. Avoid tank tops and capped sleeves and anything skintight around your upper arm because that will only bring attention to the loose flesh. Instead, select loose fitting sleeves that stop about three inches above your elbow.

2. Going out for a special occasion and want to wear something sexy? Don't fret, wearing off-the-shoulder tops with longer sleeves will help to accentuate your neck and bust and take attention away from your arms. You can buy dresses or tops with this look and it is so elegant, and don't forget silky, flowing fabrics offer a beautiful soft effect.

So don't hide your arms in long sleeves during the hot summer, simply select tops and blouses that don't accentuate your upper arms, but draw attention elsewhere. And don't forget those pushups!

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